Zamorskiy Tᛟ

Страна: Украина

Меня зовут Тарас, я коренной киевлянин и в своей жизни, я понял что нет ничего невозможного и всегда можно идти за своей мечтой.Как говориться сегодняшними мыслями мы создаем завтрашний день и это фраза является концепцией моего взгляда на жизнь.Мое творчество- это некая агломерация моих мыслей,жизненного опыта и переживаний вперемешку с грустью которые я сублимирую в творчество.Свое творчество я называю «Добрая грусть» ,ведь каждый может найти частичку себя в нем и вспомнить те меланхоличные моменты из своей жизни.
Моя страсть это игра на гитаре и написание стихов.Стихи я пишу со второго курса института ,но заново и активно начал свой путь поэта три года назад;также пробуя писать их на английском языке.Я считаю что каждый великий человек должен оставить после себя след-наследие, для следующего поколения.Поэтому моя главная цель и мечта написание своего сборника стихов и участие,а также победа в различных конкурсах.

Country: Ukraine

My name is Taras, I am born and bred in Kyiv. In my life, I realized that nothing is impossible and you can always follow your dream. As we say with today’s thoughts, we create tomorrow and this is a phrase and concept of my view on life. My work is a kind of agglomeration of my thoughts, life experience and mixed experiences with sadness which I sublimate into creativity. I call my work “Good sadness” because everyone can find a part of themselves in it and recall those melancholic moments from their life.
My passion is playing the guitar and writing poetry. I have been writing poems since my second year of university, but I only started my career as a poet three years ago. Also, I have been trying to write to them in English. I believe that every great person should leave a legacy behind them for the next generation. Therefore, my main goals and dreams are to write my collection of poems so that I can participate and win in various competitions.

Отрывок из стихотворения “I walked alone”


I walked alone among a thousand flowers,

One hundred birds whispered around me

I didnt know

I didnt count the hours

Its time for glory its time for glee.

I walked alone through thousand dimensions

In each of them you belonged to me.

Any time feel my intentions

That is why it should be

I walked alone across the mystic forest

inhaled magic deeply and so free

strange creatures worshiped to their goddess

simultaneously fell on their knee

I walked alone through mirror bridges

And saw divorce reflections of myself

Step by step overcamea lot of inches

I sawsigns that laid upon carving runic shelf

I walked alone beside the world of shadows

the wild hunt is always stalking me

My words are tangled and sharp like plenty of arrows

I found the secret door and key.

I walked around the lands of lava

the blacksmiths forge actions to the words

They will make me a ring or thunder

that carries me to other worlds.

I walked among the hunting grounds

I spoke with Skadi and i was free

Ullr took out and blew in his war horn;

I heart a lot of sounds I understood that it was for me…

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