Tyko Say

Country: Czech Republic

My name is Tyko Say and I am currently living in Prague, Czech Republic where I teach composition and literature. I am also the founder of the pragmatic poetics collective OBJECT:PARADISE which is also based in Prague. It is important that my works are inter-disciplinary and incorporate other mediums of expression, beyond audible language itself. In my current and future work I hope to highlight common language, to show that all persons are poets.

Letters of Correspondence

Ms. Winker, I am
from the building
next door in concern
for your business
and the state
of your store. Ms.
I am writing in
regards to the
recent overgrown
that has found
itself at the
entrance of your
door Ms. Winker, I
would be surprised
if you do not
know me,
though am aware I am
the boy who buys eggs
at eight beer at
six and should you
know me as that I
would not digress.
Winker, to whom this
letter is for, I am
writing because when
I enter your store you
do not acknowledge me nor
the expressions on my
face despite our
relationship Ms.
Winker, I do not know
your name either
to which
I would hope
you would understand
Though, Ms.
Winker this correspondence this
letter is to
suggest to you that
the state of your
bananas are molded and
though I have tried to
point this out to
you, I did not
want to interrupt
you—you always count
my money twice.
Winker I would never
cheat you I am concerned
of your well-being, it is dark
in there and smells of
off fish. Ms. Winker you
must let the delivery
driver know of
the situation we are in. Ms.
Winker I really think we
could work this
out I have been
thinking of the
beans I bought which
were off
for a month and
Ms. Winker
I thought you
should know that
it really takes
a long time for
beans to go
bad and perhaps this
letter finds you
well perhaps you
have a nice home you
go to or a favorite
bar you stop in
at. Ms. Winker
I can suggest the
all-night diner
on 4th and sycamore the
hollandaise is made in
house, though I do not
know if you are vegan
and, before, I go Ms.
Winker I
would like to
follow up on our
conversation the other
day when I said
thank you and
good day and you
did not look towards me—did you
hear me? is everything
okay at home? Your
family, yourself
do you have
someone who turns
off the light? I am
concerned that we
are neglecting the
cobwebs behind
the wine rack.

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