Sehrish Parvaiz Shah

Country: India

I love writing, singing and sometimes in leisure time I also love drawing.

And you are my Raison detre


Baby, life is mine but the breath is your’s,

And heart is mine but yes, the beat is your’s.

Body is mine but the soul is you,

And soul is mine but its tranquility is you.

Wound is mine but the the cure is only you,

And song is mine but the lyrics is just you.

Hands are mine but in it’s creases it’s only you,

And prayers are mine, I swear the wish is always you.

Destination is mine but it’s way is you,

Oh dear, can I follow you?

And yes, destiny is mine but all I want is just to live with you.

Eyes are mine but the shine in them is always you,

Oh dear let me tell you, smile is mine when I’m with you !

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