Pan Thar

Country: Bangladesh

I, Pan Thar, am a Rohingya youth student, Humanitarian Worker, budding writer (poet) and photographer faced by race who was born in 28th February, 1999 to Rohingya parents in Maungdaw, Northern Rakhine State (also popularly knows as Arakan State), Myanmar where most of the Rohingya people live and my Rohingya community was facing violence, discrimination and civil-war for decades. My beloved parents are Mr. Mohammed Younus (High School Teacher) and Mrs. Hafsa Bibi (Private Teacher) who are always encourage me to learn more and more about this gloomy world. While I was a young baby boy, my mother doesn’t want to care other just because of me who start my life to recognize everything what I really do like today.

As I grew older, I have been confronted with the world where every human right is denied to my Rohingya people and I have learnt how we, the Rohingya, were persecuted and discriminated against in terms of religion, socially, politically and economically. I myself managed to complete a part of my education in a government-run school just because of my dad who always my real hero and my right-handed. In 2017, I studied matriculation in Maungdaw High School but I was unable to take examinations because the civil war broke out on 25th August 2017. Sadly, due to differences of beliefs among war-mongering people, I wasn’t given the same opportunities as the Buddhists in my birthplace.

What Unity Can Change?

Unity can build peace 

For there are more questions 

Even after death, it will ask more

If we don’t try to act on time

We will surely fail in peace 

Unity can change the society 

For there are more questions

Even after death, it will ask more

If we don’t rise our voices together, 

Our society will leave us in peace 

Unity can educate the society

For there are more questions

Even after educations, it will ask more, 

If we don’t educate ourselves together, 

Our society will wallow in divided arrogance

Unity can fight the society, 

For there are more questions, 

Even after we rise, it will ask for more

If we don’t fight our arms together, 

Our society will hallucinate in its strongest ability. 

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