Muzzafar Ahmad Magray

Country: India

I am Muzzafar Ahmad Magray from Kashmir (india).I pen down my feelings in the form of poetry.


O death don’t beat here thy drum

Here faded spring,graveyards bloom as life I sum

Everyone is up ,to defend mother earth

Vale is soaked, now having young bloods dearth

New thoughts are sown,soon will bloom

The lamp is lit in dark,to chase this gloom

O death,times you have danced here naked

Innocents are gunned, identity is faked

In spring we witness autumn, here youth now die

If you tilt the land, there martyr will lie

Sky is thundering, tears fall in heart

Dirges are sung when,loved ones part

One Who is mortal has to die

Death thou are just sleep,so boast why?

Our vale has turned,a beautiful cage

Alas! Our history is written on blank page

Caution is don’t ever try to raise thy voice

We are like rats hunted by mice

Our sun rises, without hope to set

In sunshine,times cloud bursts we met

We are hoping against hope

O lord thou are our shield, otherwise we can’t cope

World is unique dictated by whom?

Seas are witnessing tsunami, they emerge as foam

Some aspire to inhabitant mars

Our life is a tragedy, don’t read it as farce

O dreamers wake up,soar the sky

Unfurl thy identity,tell world who am I

Thou tredded have miles,still destination is far

Love should be our weapon, for this strange war.

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