Страна : Кыргызстан

Занимаюсь йогой и учу языки и люблю путешествовать.

Country : Kyrgysztan

I love travelling and doing yoga



Отрывок из произведения “Эдем”


What is Chaos is my life Chaos is me!!!

There was a flash the in the Sun with an ejection of the coronal mass and bursts of radio emission. At that time, a weak magnetic disturbance of class G1 was recorded.

One particular ray touched her head. And from that moment on, she began to understand and read the angel’s hints.

“Why she?” – You will ask. Because she was weak and she needed protection? In fact, she was not weak, but just very kind and very trusting! And she had a sweetheart. Of course, like everyone else, she always had an angel. But from that day she began to communicate with her angel. Through books, through music and through T-shirts of passers-by. We each have an angel. And they often interact with us and, of course, they try to protect us, but sometimes, when we do wrong things, they punish us.

Today she wore a T-shirt had an inscription “Cute but psycho”!

It was real and part of life she was also mad!


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