Страна: Россия

Я люблю писать песни и стихи. Моим вдохновением являются путешествия, люди, события и даже самые простые вещи. Мне доставляют радость выступления на сцене. Мне нравится дарить людям радость!

Также я знаю несколько языков. Мой родной – русский, а на английском я говорю с 5-ти лет. Сейчас я в 10 классе и изучаю испанский, как основной язык. Самостоятельно я учу французский и итальянский. Меня очень привлекают культуры этих стран.

Я начала писать свои произведения еще в начальной школе. Моими первыми слушателями были мои родители и одноклассники.
При чтении моих стихов я советую вам сконцентрироваться на эмоциях и включить воображение.

А на моем канале в YouTube, вы найдете много видео, где я пою cover-песни. Я искренне надеюсь, что они вам понравятся, и что вы поделитесь со мной комментариями.

Country: Russia

I’m a singer-songwriter, but besides music, I love to write poems. My inspiration is travel, people, events, and even the simplest things. I love performing on stage! I like to give people joy.

I also know several languages. My native is Russian, and I speak English from 5 years old. Now in school I am in 10th grade and learning Spanish as the main languagе. I learn French and Italian myself.

I started writing in the primary school: in notebooks, on pieces of paper torn from them. After all, you never know when the muse will come. My very first listeners were my parents and my classmates.
When reading my poems, it is worth concentrating on emotions, turning on the imagination.

And on my YouTube channel, you will find many videos where I sing covers. I really hope you enjoy them and share your comments.

Из поэмы ” A Celebration of Love and Happiness “


Into the morning have the nightdreams disappeared,

The spring erupted on the world like a volcano

And butterflies have filled her head, her stomach, and her ears,

Awaking sounds of lilies she cannot be taming. 

The flowers have risen up towards the sun.

Waking her up, nature is glowing,

But she keeps thinking of the letter she has got

And for a change, now, doesn’t feel that lonely.

Then she went out for bread. A small «Boulangerie»,

Right on the corner of the street, she’d buy it.

She felt a tiny tap onto her shoulder, taking the receipt

The boy she saw that day, he was the one behind her.

And hesitated for a moment, she said: «Hi»

The boy replied, and everything went silent

And she saw all the world in his brown eyes.

He took her hand, and they went flying.

They flew together all day long

Across the blooming fields and busy crossings

And it were not the wings that carried them so strong,

But was the sweetest feeling; you would never cross it.

Just like the paper airplane, they would fly,

A boy named John, a girl named Lucy …

«I hope this world is big enough for me,

I hope i have the courage not to lose it.»


The tiny thing we still don’t know is that John, he’s a magician.

The secret power is in every word, is in his hand, if he just wishes

But in his family, he’s the only one. It was a miracle that he discovered.

Nobody understood him, and he found 

Himself upon the roof, looking far, beyond it. 

He’d spent the mornings watching the sunrise, 

And in the evening, sun would beautifully settle.

He had some friends at school, but they don’t realize

How different he can be, he knows they’ll never get it.

These days pass by, but suddenly, last week

New family moved in into the house next door

And he had seen a girl, upon the roof; she’s so serene, so sweet

And she saw John as well, her cheeks went red just like the roses.

Dark, like a sky full of the stars

Her eyes are magically shining.

Is there a mystery between the two of us?

Are you attracted or the beauty’s simply blinding?

The love is spreading out through houses, through every heart

Maybe this town needed a match that lit it up.

Whatever makes you love, it only makes you brighter.

Our hearts are like a million stars, and we can make it even shinier.


No matter what we say or what we do

There will always be a person who will judge it.

No matter what want or what we’re reaching to

There will always be a time, when you feel fragile.

In spite of what we know about the confidence, about the independence

Somebody curls up to your mind and change your thoughts

And now you can’t control it, because he decides it,

Where you should go, and how you look, what you should do or not.

And if you try to change the game, even just a little,

It’s like the solar system will explode

But if you play along, minding the rules, but do it like a leader,

You might find whole another strategy to win the world.

Lucy has a power in her heart,

That’s able to convert the nature in a minute.

And so does John; but they have to be smart

Because, to see the change, at first, you have to feel it.

Weeks have passed by, the summer’s getting close now

The wind is blowing warm; it’s time to act!

Take all your wands and put them out, 

Take off your cape, and look around

You soon will understand what it’s about.


Five-thirty in the morning, here we go!

The first verse of the songs up on the trees,

Lucy and John start to applaud

Walking together down the street.

They laugh, and echo jumps across

Into the house of Mrs. Ross.

She pulls up all the curtains to receive

Two warming smiles, that land onto the sill.  

And suddenly pink tulips come to sight,

Leaving a glowing smile in lady’s eyes.

Next, Mr. Postman’s cycling by

He wasn’t sad but something wasn’t right.

He stopped when he saw John, giving a letter,

“They’re closing my department from tonight”

He tried to keep emotions quiet,

Although the sadness in his face, he kept denying

Eventually has given him away.

“Now I have no reason to stay, but boy, I do not want to go! 

This neighborhood, these gardens, I will miss it…”

“No, no, don’t worry! I know how to fix it!”

And saying that, Lucy thought of a plan…



“…That is my idea.”

A gathering of everyone from everywhere.

A brush is dancing on a massive piece of paper

Leaving footprints of the words, which call you there.

The peace will reach your home

And come straight through your heart

To make you see the reason.

The reason that will wake you up.

The reason you will climb up to the top of all the buildings

To realize the sun is not that hot

To find out something that’s been missing

One thing, this town somehow forgot.

Why can’t the people feel the kindness?

Why can’t the people sense a lie?

Why after all the nice things, they are fighting

Over, which country wins a fight?

This planet, it is not a field for battles

It is a place to celebrate

Love, it is the magic power

And if you lose it, it will be too late.


Here goes our Mr. Postman, 

He’s got himself a brand new job.

Now, every single person

In town gets a handwritten note,

That’s saying: “ We invite you

To celebrate the peace and love!

To share the warmth and witness gladness

To bring the joy into this world!”

Out in the backyard of a local church

The party is taking place, 

Though that does not concern at all

What you believe or brace.

Beneath the sun is doesn’t matter

Who you were born or who you love.

Here, to the sound of drums, 

To the sound of violins and pianos

We all are different like it was never before.

So isn’t that a thing to celebrate?

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