Liudmila Ménager

Страна : Франция

Людмила Менаже: Художник, иллюстратор, писатель, переводчик. Я родилась в 1986 году во Владимире, старинном русском городе. Архитектор по образованию, а по призванию – художник, иллюстратор, автор сказок (написала и проиллюстрировала философскую сказку «Принцесса и Чудовище: Зеркало Истины»). Пишу в разных жанрах и техниках живописи и рисунка. Живу и работаю во Франции с 2013 года. Во время Каннского кинофестиваля на выставке «Jeux, Hasard & Cinéma» 2017 года и Большом Салоне Искусств «ARBUSTES-2017» мои картины были удостоены наград. Будучи творческой личностью и разноплановым художником, я всегда стремилась представить мир в его многогранной красоте, работая в таких жанрах , как: портреты, архитектура, танцы, пейзажи, животные. Иногда обращаюсь к абстрактному искусству, разрабатываю свой волшебный стиль. Следуя своим мечтам, я всегда готова донести свои идеи до зрителя: показать красоту человеческих отношений, которые в итоге спасут мир. «Принцесса и Чудовище: Зеркало Истины» – это моя первая книга как автора, так и иллюстратора. Это философская сказка, в которой продолжается знаменитая история любви, преданности, дружбы, прощения и гармонии. Однажды написанная французской писательницей Жанн-Мари Лепринс де Бомонт, а затем увековеченная Уолтом Диснеем, эта сказка пришлась по нраву не только детям, но и взрослым. Основанный на личной истории и фото образах Принцессы Карины Багратион-Мухранской, знаковой принцессы постсоветского пространства, а также на впечатлениях от путешествий в аббатство Мон-Сен-Мишель в Нормандии, замок Шенонсо в долине Луары, замок Нойшванштайн в Баварии, Эрмитаж в Санкт-Петербурге и Белый замок в Ньоне в Швейцарии рассказ в то же время является глубоко трогательным посланием, обращенным ко всему миру. Эта волшебная, излечивающая сказка уже получила первое признание со стороны жюри международного конкурса литературы. В октябре 2019 г. как автор книги я удостоилась национальной литературной премии «Золотое Перо Руси». В настоящее время работаю над культурным и образовательным проектом «Принцесса и Чудовище» («Принцесса и Чудовище»), который развивается по направлениям арт-терапии, в частности сказкотерапии.

Country : France

Liudmila Ménager: artist, illustrator, author, interpreter. Born in 1986 ( Russia) an architect, award-winning painter and book illustrator Liudmila Ménager has been living in France since 2013. Her romantic works are collected worldwide and are especially appreciated by American, Chinese, French and Russian art lovers. Her works of art were distinguished during the Cannes Film Festival at “Jeux, Hasard & Cinéma” 2017 event and “ARBUSTES-2017” (in Paris region) art exhibitions. Liudmila enjoys a few painting techniques: acrylic, watercolor, gouache, dry and oil pastel and also combines painting and application. She is an extremely creative and versatile painter, aiming to picture the world in its multi sided beauty: portraits, architecture and heritage objects, dance, landscapes, animals – to name a few. She also loves abstract art and fairy style. As a romantic illustrator, she always follows her dreams to show the beauty of human relationships , heal people ’s hearts and giving inspiration to many. “Princess and the Beast: The Mirror of Truth” is her first book both as author and illustrator. it’s a philosophical fairy tale, which continues the famous story of love, devotion, friendship, forgiveness and harmony, “Beauty and the Beast”. Once written by a French storyteller Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beau-mont and then immortalized by Walt Disney, it is a message both for children and grown ups. Based on inspirational story of Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky, the iconic princess for a Post –Soviet space, Liudmila’s trips to The Mont Saint Michel Abbey in Normandy, The Château de Chenonceau in Loire Valley, Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Hermitage in Saint-Petersbourg and The White Castle in Nyon in Switzerland the story is a deeply touching mes-sage to the world. In 2019 this book received a prestigious International Literary AWARD “Golden Feather of Rus” in category “Spirituality”. Actually Liudmila Ménager is working for a cultural and educational project “Princess and The Beast” developing it in art-therapy, bringing people joy, inspiration and productive personal growth.

Перевод философской сказки Людмилы Менаже “Принцесса и Чудовище: Зеркало Истины”

After all of these misadventures, the girl found herself alone on an unknown land. She soberly reasoned that she had to try to find the inhabitants of the island, explain everything to them, and ask for help. There were no visible human traces on the deserted shore. There was a green forest nearby. The brave Princess went in that direction. She was astounded by the local vegetation. It was not only beautiful but unusual also. Waves of amazing fragrances of unseen flowers were washing over her from everywhere. A thought even occurred to our heroine that she might be in Paradise. However, a strong thirst made obstacles to her further thinking along these lines. Therefore, the recent prisoner decided to first find a source of clean sweat water and to restore her strength. Unexpectedly, quiet voices like crystal bells rang behind Karina’s back: “Look how big she is! She does not have any wings at all, not even the tiniest ones, but she is awfully cute all the same.” The Beauty thought that only fairies or elves could talk like this. She turned around and saw two little charming female creatures flying behind her. They had semi-transparent silverfish wings. The fairies were so small that they could fit on the girl’s palm. It still seemed to Karina that she was unsightly. Therefore, encountering the beautiful creatures, the former captive blushed and covered her face with her hands, but no embarrassment could make her forget her good manners and excellent upbringing.

— Hello, dear fairies! – said Karina as she introduced herself. – The ship on which I have arrived has sunk. It was my destiny to find myself in your land. Pray tell me what is this island? And could you possibly help me to return home? 

— Hello, Karina! – the charming, friendly little creatures replied. – You are now on our magic little island. We are located quite close to Mont Saint-Michel Abbey.  Do not fear. Nothing will harm you here and we will certainly do everything possible to help you! But why are you hiding your face so bashfully? You don’t have to: you are so beautiful! After these words the Princess broke into tears. Forcibly she held them back and wiped them away. Then she told the fairies about her misfortunes as well as the worries and doubts about herself.

 — Do not be sad, oh Beauty! – The voice of one of the fairies chimed. – Let me give you some advice: try to accept life in all its manifestations and give thanks not only for joys but for the difficulties as well. The latter are also part of the game and what’s good about them: they are not deceiving. Never give up in despair while encountering troubles or difficulties. Know that when life sends ordeals to a person, it is communicating with the person in one language it knows well, the language of the heart.

 — Dear Karina, now you may fear nothing and feel completely secure, – Another fairy interjected. – The power of the holy Abby spreads onto our land as well. So evil spells do not have any affect here. And do not doubt: you have not changed a bit neither in the soul, nor in the body. These were all Elvin’s tricks! Come with us: you have to rest and change your clothes. And then we will think about the fastest way for you to meet Christian.

 On the way, the fairies told the Princess the history of their small magic country inhabited only by themselves and the elves. The tiny creatures

 knew about Elvin not just by hearing: the sorcerer tried to take possession of their country on many occasions. Fortunately, he was never able to implement his plan since the magic country was continuously under protection by the Mont Saint-Michael Abbey.

 The fairies went out of their way trying to help Karina to quickly start feeling at home and to forget the misfortunes that befell her. They offered the guest a dinner out of their magic menu – the flower nectar. They presented her with a new white dress made of the finest silk. It was woven out of multiple layers of silverfish cobwebs. Another item proved to be no less fantastic: little shoes made out of petals of local flowers.

— Wow, I could have never imagined that the flower nectar is so tasty and nutritious!… – Mused the Princess. – That the fabric made of cobwebs is so exquisite and strong at the same time and the shoes made out of rose petals are so wearable… It is so great and wonderful here at your home! You must be very happy on this little magic island.

— Yes, you are right, everybody is happy, everybody respects and loves one another, – confirmed the fairies. – Our land is famous for its priceless treasures. Various villains are often trying to steal them. However, as soon as the magic rarities get in the hands of the thieves, they lose all their value. If you had an evil heart, you would have become mixed up in these webs and all the shoe petals would have fallen all over the floor… Oh, how much we wish that you and the Prince become happy again! Let’s go, we will introduce you to our King and Queen. They know for sure what needs to be done. The girl’s mood improved minute by minute. She understood that she wasn’t alone but had new friends. “The world did not turn away from me!” Our heroine was now rejoicing.

 — Greetings, Princess! We are happy to welcome you in our magic kingdom! – smiling cordially, the King and the Queen of the Fairies thus addressed the Beauty 16. — We already know your story. Remember that to restore your good name, it is necessary to find the Mirror of Truth. For many years, it has been secretly kept by one druid – the wizard who lives in the thicket of the magic Brekilien Forest 17. It is in this Mirror that the magic force of fairness is embedded.  Therefore, it is the only thing capable of removing Elvin’s curse and saving you. But hurry up and get there before the villain learns that the Mirror of Truth still exists.

 — Dear Karina, there will be a time when everything you have gone through these days will turn into a distant memory, – said the Queen of the Fairies at the end. You will then surely understand that the height of the mountain you climbed is determined by the depth of the pit you managed to get out of.

  The girl sincerely thanked the hosts of the little magic island and began getting ready for the road. The two little fairies that met our heroine and a few elves decided to accompany her. Finally, the travellers found themselves next to the Mont Saint-Michael Abbey. The princess has never been here before. She asked her new friends to stop for a while to rest and to enjoy the enchanting view of the wonderful fortress. The Beauty decided to take a walk on the blooming spring meadow completely covered by red poppies. The meadow was surrounded by a brook, and peaceful lambs looking like little clouds entangled in the thick grass were grazing on its opposite bank. Karina could not take her eyes off the magnificent architecture of the Mont Saint-Michael Abby. Charmed, she was looking at this beautiful structure practically without blinking her eyes. As the girl recalled the suffering caused to her and her loved ones by the horrible unfair rumours, tears appeared in her eyes. There was nobody next to her. But suddenly, she had perfectly clearly heard somebody’s gentle voice: “Why are you crying, my Child?” These were the ancient stones of Abbey that spoke to her. Wiping away her tears and concentrating in the moment, the Princess replied: “I am tired of the slander that had fallen on me unexpectedly… How can I restore my good name if nobody but the Prince and some inhabitants of our castle believes me?.. The King and the Queen of the Fairies said that the Mirror of Truth capable of helping me is kept by one wizard. But will I find it?.. And shall it destroy the evil spells and cleanse our kingdom from the evil gossip?.. My soul is bound by doubts and fears… Yes, it is very difficult for me now. However, here, on this earth, I feel an enormous influx of power and I understand that I will be able to overcome all difficulties!..”. There was no answer. But Karina felt very clearly that Mont Saint-Michael is magically filling her with amazing energy. “I am a happy person indeed, the Beauty thought, and the former wonderful smile appeared on her face, the one that warmed up all who saw it. – I have the most important: dear people who love me, care for me, and believe in me. I have to go on fighting for the fairness, for my right to happiness, for my dreams. And I believe that I will achieve it all!” The Princess was completely transformed. Uncommon peace and lightness reigned in her soul now. And the flowers of beautiful feelings were blooming again in her heart. The Princess thanked the Mont Saint-Michael Abbey and returned to her friends waiting for her nearby. Filled with most delightful hopes and inspired by self-assuredness, without hesitation, the girl headed for the Brekilien forest, where the Mirror of Truth was to be found.

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