Jose Luque Montero

Country :  Spain

Hey! My name is Jose, I´m a spanish writer who happens to like writing in English language. I have been writing for about 1-2 years artistically, however in school I was also writing artistically – without being aware of it. In my free time I like to draw, read, make funny videos, watch TV shows, movies and hang out with friends just like the rest of us, really. About my art, I would say it depends on the target, it can be dark and angsty, or happy and enlighting, it pretty much depends on the day and my mood. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy reading.


Отрывок из поэзии  “Words of hope“


Meet me at dusk,

When you feel like going nowhere.

Meet me at dusk,

When you don´t want to be seen.

Grab your pen and paper,

Write your destiny,

With me.

Meet me at dusk,

At the edge of the cliff,

Where mountains kiss the sea,

And the sun drowns in it.

Bring yourself a good hot tea,

Observe the stars,

Cosy blanket,

Warm company,

And the world for us to be.


Meet me at night,

When you cannot breathe.

Meet me at night,

Close to the sea.

Close your eyes and see,

Smell the scent,

Of the present moment,

Turning into a memory.

Grab my hand,

Dream with me.


Meet me at dawn,

When you don´t know who to be.

Meet me at dawn,

At the shore of the sea.

As the sun open its eyes,

And yours burn in happiness,

Hold me close, 

Whisper loudly;

This was magical,

We shall repeat.


Meet me at the bottom of the sea,

When you feel like breathing.

Meet me at the bottom of the sea,

Bring your pen and paper,

We will find together peace.

Keep writing your story,

Pages can always be




Get yourself a stick,

Walking alone is nice, 

It is, 

You can go at your own pace, 

You can reach the destination you aim for, 

You can get lost on the way – make it somewhere else, 

but you can still choose on your own. 


Get yourself a stick. 

A stick will provide you with safety, 

It will provide you support, 

It will help you not to fall on the way, 

It will be there with you in case of danger, 

Rain, Emergencies, 

And everything else. 


Get yourself a stick. 

So, you can walk for longer, 

You can share your experiences with it, 

It will be there for you to hold you when you cannot, 

And you will be there for it, to carry it with you.


Get yourself a good stick, and you will be happy.

Treat it well though, 

Don´t replace it on the way,


Get yourself a good stick.

You will see a bond developing,

And you may think; it´s just a stick.

But it is not, 

It is your third leg, 

The one that will help you to walk further, 

To reach your destination, 

To fight the beasts that can attack you on the way, 

It will keep you sane, 

It will keep you focused, 

It will make you a man. 


Get yourself a good stick,

And treat it well.



Ashes and pain,

Clouds, tears and rain,

Life is a long wait,

Life is a walk alone,


Life is waiting in a supermarket queue,

Life is reading a book,

Life is buying groceries to get through the day,

Life is a smile, a tear, a look,

Life is a crowd cheering for a team,

And nobody cheering for you,

Life is staring at your ceiling at 4am thinking about lasagne,

Life is feeling restless yet keep working hard,

Life is eating bread and sharing it,

Life is giving a balloon to a kid,

Life is a breath of fresh air,

Life is the distance between two major activities,

Birth and death,

Life is all these things,

Life is everything that can be listed,

Life is all that can’t be expressed,

This is Life,

This is what it is,

As real as it gets,

And if you don’t like it,

Well, that’s also a part of it.



What to do when the north star fades?

When darkness consumes you,

Blinds you,

Embraces you,

Owns you,

And you cannot escape it.

Don´t look up in the skies;

You little candle,

Look deep inside,

You carry the brightest light within.

A light able to warm the coldest heart,

A light able to spark the widest smile,

A light able to inspire the absent soul,

A light stronger than love, than life, than death.

Your own light.

Keep it alive,

Gods and mortals will delight,

On you.

You will be warm again,



Your own light will defeat the darkness,

And the North-star will shine again at your touch and will guide us to a brighter tomorrow.

We will all be thankful for that.

  • Your light will take over the world and guide it to a brighter tomorrow. –

Don´t give up little spark, 

the world is yours to conquer.

Shine, beautiful candle. 


Brown mirror of ever-changing memories,

Green tones unsuccessfully attempting to camouflage the beauty

they portray.

A few brush strokes

Adding colour every spring.

Plait, cosy jumper, warm tea.

Fresh air to breathe,

Willow trees to make you dream,

Wonder and think, 

Middle earth was just as real.

A smile from west to east.

Your eyes sparkling like soda.

Displaying magic at the caress of the yellow big.

your heart swinging with the wind.

your soul growing deeper roots

to the ground that saw you bloom.



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