Ioanna Reeves

Страна: Беларусь

Писатель.Певица.Сонграйтер.Артист.Бакалавр искусств.

Country: Belarus 

Songwriter.Writer.Artist.Bachelor degree in art. “I’m like a boat”,suddenly she said.In the middle of an ocean,beaten with waves,creacked and persecuted by winds and currents,under scorching rays of the sun, but still yearning to approach a shore.”My quote.







The tales of the lost forest

 Inspired by life of actors :Orlando Bloom, Keanu Charles  Reeves, Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew Damon.


                                                       Children of the Sun

Once upon a time when men were strong and fearless as Heracles this story had happened.

One day our Sun didn’t arise in heaven. That early morning all people were awfully scared and confused. They asked one another: “Where is our Sun? Why didn’t it come? What will we do? How will   we survive? During three days they were holding on without Sun in the darkness. And at night, when stars were seen well in heaven , they prayed  as  if they see miracle.

Meantime, one fisherman set off to the lake for fishing. He didn’t see our Sun for three days either, but with no fear he believed, that darkness has   own value. “Probably   I will find out a special sign the Creator has for me.” he thought.

Soon the fisherman approached a lake where all of a sudden he saw a boat. The waters of the lake took a good care of her twists. There were two children in the boat. Under the moonlight those two looked very charming and fairy. The fisher hadn’t seen before such a beauty and harmony of  Nature in one image. Their clothes, embroidered with  gold, were  merging  with stars’ glimmer. And our  fisherman suggested  these two aren’t  from the Earth. “They are from heaven!”  he  exclaimed in a loud voice. “It’s miracle! I have found these two instead of fish!?’’he smiled.

The man gladly waved them and asked if he could give them a hand. When children went  ashore, a peaceful energy were gleaming over them both .And behind and in front of them. On the lake bank those two gently waved back to the fisher and when he asked them to follow him into his house, they agreed courteously.

All way long the children whispered  something and smiled to each other, but each time the fisherman turned  his face in hope to ask about them ,to get to know them – they   stopped with a fear  and  wonderingly stared  at  him. All the said since he has met them ,was just  two words: “Ikar’’  and “ Heka”. “Ikar is  a name of the boy and Heka   – she is a girl.”  thought in a surprise  the fisherman.

Next morning Sun rose up gorgeously and all the village people happily greeted one another. They looked upon  heaven and praised the Sun over and over again .Heka and Ikar were  very much  happy  too. They even gave a present to the  fisherman . It was an amulet.

Since then nobody haven’t seen  again those two –Ikar  and Heka. Nobody knows where  are  they nowadays.

Our fisherman tells this story to other children some time , but he never shows his amulet to anyone. He just says when he is lonely he goes down to the lake, sits on the lake’s  bank  under the moonlight and holds an amulet in his hand. He says he believes the children of the Sun will come back one day to reveal the secret of the amulet.


                                                               Brother and  Sister


There were  a brother  and  a sister. Once in  the morning  the sister woke up  all in tears  and sobbingly   said to her  brother : “I  saw a bad dream , dear brother  .  I was dreaming  that a scary beast  waded into our house and  instead of  his severed head each time  a new  one had  appeared ! Let’s go out of our house, let’s quickly set off to the forest! I shall  put enough  food  into a basket .  Then we may stay overnight  out there. I  will take  silver threads  to sew  a new shirt  for  you .Please ! Let’s go faster! ” “All right,  dear sister, let’s go ! But  stop weeping, please,  or you  will  awake the servants  up not in a right moment . They will start  pumping about everything  and you know very well that  I dislike it. Let’s immediately go !So that  they  will not notice our escape  at all. Let them think we have disappeared! Let them think that we have disappeared forever! The girl took a basket with  supplies for them , the boy also collected all he needed  and they went  on to the forest. The weather was wonderful. Birds were singing joyfully , the foliage of trees  gently whispered  and our children  safely  settled down in the meadow. I should tell you my dear friend  that in this forest  they have   been before. They  have got in  here  even  a structure  like a hut they had  built from    mixed  woody sticks  and  an old sail. The brother  went for a walk into the woods and his sister began sewing  a shirt of silver threads. She believed that such a shirt  would shield her brother  against  any evil forces . Tears after a bad morning dream sometimes clouded her eyes and quietly dripped over   silver  threads ,as she were sewing. At last  the very last stitch was ready and the girl full of joy  and  excitedly  rushed  to give  a new shirt to her brother.

“Probably  he is carving  figures of bear cubs  and dolphins again , right  down the stream. Why does he need  so many? I do not understand! He  cuts  out and cuts out and so goes on and on ! Soon this lovely figures  might need  a separate room  to live in  ! ” she thought  happily.

Suddenly the clouds  have obscured the sun. It became completely dark  and  a powerful gust of  the wind  hit the girl to her back. It hit her  so  strongly  that   poor tiny  girl  fell right to the ground. Being frightened, the girl  decided that it might be the tricks of the evil foe , hunting  on  her brother. At once she decided to come back   home and spy  whether something  had happened over there. Throwing  a new silver shirt  at the tree  in the woods, with the hope that  it will  find her brother  in a right time  itself, the  girl rushed home in the semidarkness. Near the house ,secretly, she  sneaked   to the back door,   opened it and   turned  out  in the wine cellar. Once with her brother   they have found   inside the cellar   that one of the walls had  rotten part of a tree and they  made a hole in it . Since  then at any moment  they  could see and listen to what happens  in the kitchen  and what about their servants  tittle –tattle.  Looking through a hole , the girl saw nothing .Only a muffled sound  of sifting flour reached her ears  and then  she more calmly  continued her way to the upper rooms : she carefully looked round ,went into her room and  checked up the wardrobe and  a place   under the bed .

“ Have someone  planned  to put a curse  on  me? With  an urgly straw – dolls  which are more  worse when  with needles in ?” she said in a loud voice . Then   checked  properly under the carpet, but   have  found only a dry spot of  a resin  and an old blade . There were no   beast ! The girl happily exhaled  and thought: “It’s time to go back to the forest. My brother   worries  I guess where  am  I .” Getting out through  the back door of the house  she hurried to her brother. All  the way she recalled  incidents had happened during a day  and was very flurried . But  bad thoughts  left her  as fast as she got sight  of  a familiar silhouette :

”Well, what a nut  you are ,sister ! What for you had left  my new silver tunic in the middle of the forest ?! Where have  you been ? I hailed you!” the brother asked a girl ,smiling. “ I cut out a heap of  a new dolphins and  one bear cub , while was waiting for you! Look,what a pretty one! And I have found  the best flower of all forests and  meadows ! Here you are! ”

“I was at home! Listened to the gossip of our servants  and yet I  have found … Look  what! Exactly saying, on my way to you I have found it! It was on the ground near our pathway ! It might be yours , it’s very similar to those you always curve your figures .

“No! It’s not mine .Where  have you founded that, sister ?asked the brother with  a disquiet in his voice looking at a small penknife .“May  I take it , give me, please .let me see .For me you  founded  him ,didn’t you ?This is exactly what I need! Let’s go sit in the hut, or somewhere else. I’m a little tired .You’re either short of breath.”

In their  small woody  hut   the children were debating  a  newmade figures  and the girl dreamed  how beautiful it would  be to decorate them with all colors of the rainbow.

They did not notice as they fell asleep  and did not notice as  night fell down.The stars   shone upon them, and they saw  beautiful dreams.

They did not know that in their Kingdom  an evil monster had suddenly  appeared d and burned  out many houses. They did not know that their house as well  was burned to the ground . They did not know they fell asleep for many years. Creator has saved them from such a  poor fate . And when they woke up, the Sun tenderly warmed them up with its rays. They  could  understand the language of birds and animals round ,could  understand   what leaves  whisper   and what the sparkling  streams want to  tell .

They knew  they are the Children of the Sun.

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