Ioanna Reeves

Страна: Беларусь

Иоанна Ривз -писатель, музыкант ,педагог, мама. Литературной деятельностью увлекается с детства. В возрасте 6 лет начала переводить Шекспира в оригинале , писала стихи. Творческий путь начался в возрасте четырёх лет, был тесно связан с классической музыкой и исполнительским искусством. В последние годы автор целиком посвятила себя литературе, общественной деятельности, а также социальным интересам детей и благотворительности. “ Креативная творческая личность любящая учиться новому и интересному. Источник вдохновения для меня это искусство им космос. Верю, что забота о будущем – это забота о детях и любой из аспектов своей работы я посвящаю им.”

Country: Belarus

Artist, musician, social activist, teacher, writer. “I have been interested in literature activities since childhood, but life turned out so all my time was devoted to music and only recent years I have found the time to dedicate myself to literature.” She graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Music with Bachelor of Arts degree. Awarded a diploma (3 prime) of the Republican piano competition (1992). Winner of an international competition of vocalists “GrandPrix of Ukraine” (2010.Kiev) and have got the diploma of the same competition in the nomination “Author’s song”. Member of the society of Music actors of Belarus. Member of the society ECG (London). In 2018 published a book of fairy tales in Russia and Belarus which have already been praised by readers from different countries of the world. Winner of the 7th International competition “Open Eurasia -2018” in the nomination “Children Literature” (3 prime) and has got a diploma of international literary competition «Heritage Keepers in action” (Prague) in the nomination “For spiritual development and for service to a native literature ‘’.

Отрывок из произведение “Ode of the Cat”

I will clean that chair! Faasst!

All dust away! One -two! One -two!

All dust away! One-two! One -two!


Some water here! Quickly! Faaasssst!

One-two! One -two! Washed over!

Now let this chair alone dry on the sun.

Will be like a new one!

The last that came… His name 

I don’t remember.

I’ll tell you later guys.”

Is  our Miss still waiting for her groom 

Uh-Huh Uh-Huh !

Is  our Miss still waiting for her groom 

Uh-Huh Uh-huh!

She brought some flowers

Fragile and clear.

That scent was perfect.

Her last threads to joy!

Her pale lips kissed them 

And her eyes were full of tears 

I hope still they’are same that day

She couldn’t sleep 

She was somewhere in between –

Her dreams  and tangibility ,I guess …

Again she  sees groom’s father suddenly 

She knew he was from an ancient city of Greece.

Her gush of love to him met wave of hate!

He didn’t recognize our Miss.

She said:”My friends,I wish you knew 

How many years I looked after him, 

Inspite I haven’t met him yet !

And his Isparta’s son as well!

I left my dreams because of them 

And now, Must I see his veritable face?!

What does  that  mean? These years were false?

How life is cruel sometimes to us

Creator, I  know he’ll  punish them !

He’ll punish all who goes against 

The rules and lows of our nature.

My lovely flowers I’ll be back to you 

One day or soon.

In our awesome garden you will bloom.

Together, I can’t leave you.

It’s too much pain inside ….

I think I’m dyin’….

But I’m with you ….”

She says: “Cryptology  it’s what ,my friends,

I’ve heard before something about.

What else for now ?Shall I  lit up  a candle?

More easy now to breath 

But sound of lawn mower   

Makes me mad.

These slaves of God, they are so nice and funny.

Each early morning they’ve sent me smile 

And i love them.

They know well how to feed our  Mother  Earth 

Where is the  poison? I prefer that…

For now I don’t know more than that .

If you have more to say 

Here is my hat.”  

 What were the roots of that balsamic tree

 Whose branches still giving nuts of beauty dreams in  the saint waters? 

That place is our eldest homeland isn’t it ?

One man filled the hollow of our tree and now the sun is shining brightful !

 Look !Our shelter isn’t  home for them! 

 Mars planet dryed our tears and sorrow.

Shall we follow the red circle or wait, sir , there near the tree more words await us to be given 

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