Ilona Ioanna Reeves

Страна: Беларусь

Артист ,музыкант,певица, автор,песен,учитель,композитор,писатель. Литературной деятельностью увлекаюсь с детства,но жизнь сложилась так,что всё своё время уделяла музыке и только в последние годы я нашла время отдать себя литературе.Окончила Белорусскую государственную Академию музыки ,имею степень бакалавра искусств.Награждена дипломом 3 степени республиканского конкурса пианистов (1992) .Лауреат международного конкурса вокалистов “GrandPrix of Ukraine ” (2010.Киев) и дипломант того же конкурса в номинации “Авторская песня”.Член союза музыкальных деятелей Беларуси. Член вразийского общества ECG (London ) .В 2018 году издала книгу сказок в России и Беларуси ,которые уже получили высокую оценку читателей из разных стран мира.Призёр 7 Международного конкурса “Open Eurasia -2018” в номинации “Children Literature ” и дипломант международного литературного конкурса “Хранители наследия в действии ” в номинации “Для духовного развития и За служение отечественной литературе “.В настоящее время работаю над книгой в жанре научной фантастики и продолжаю писать сказки.

Country: Belarus

Artist, musician, singer, songwriter , teacher, composer, writer. “I have been interested in literature activities since childhood, but life turned out so all my time was devoted to music and only recent years I have found the time to dedicate myself to literature.” She graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Music with Bachelor of Arts degree. Awarded a diploma (3 prime) of the Republican piano competition (1992). Winner of an international competition of vocalists “GrandPrix of Ukraine” (2010.Kiev) and have got the diploma of the same competition in the nomination “Author’s song”. Member of the society of Music actors of Belarus. Member of the society ECG (London). In 2018 published a book of fairy tales in Russia and Belarus which have already been praised by readers from different countries of the world. Winner of the 7th International competition “Open Eurasia -2018” in the nomination “Children Literature” (3 prime) and has got a diploma of international literary competition «Heritage Keepers in action” (Prague) in the nomination “For spiritual development and for service to a native literature “. Currently working on a book in the genre of science fiction and keeps writing fairy tales.

 ODE to the CAT   

Once in the middle of nowhere

The cat has jumped into a tree.

Inside he found a chain and chair

Said: “Wow! What a miracle this tree!”

He threw  a chain away ,more far

And went for a walk with chair…

That time an ant, a leaflet and a nut

Got invitations for the wedding.

With inner turmoil they reached a door

Where they had often been before.


Ant says: “Miss Sweety are you in ?”

Ant says : “Miss Sweety are you in?

Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Nobody’ s answer yet, shall we come in ?”

There table waited for them with a delightful plates

One main course was tomatoes “damates “

Uh-huh! Uh-huh !

The Nut says : ” Friends! Let’s wait for Miss !Don’t touch!

The Nut says : ” Friends!Let’s wait some mess!Just keep it!

Our miss with groom I hope

She’ll soon get home !

Let’s take some snack

And step outside alone.

Look !? Threads !?

Guide us to a boat

Let’s flee ! Uh- huh!

Uh-huh ! Let’s flee !”

Scene 2

 (The bride came home)

“What an amazing evening!” says she,

“Hello my dear tree, hello my lizards!

Gardeners went home, guards still aren’t here.”

Says she:”How nice to stay alone

But where’s my groom?”

Says she:”I hug you lovely tree ,

I bet you’re very very old.

Reminds me something…

Haydi*.Put some water into hollow.

It seems someone is here.

Weird thing! My Lord!

Seems self-invited is hiding by the sea!?

She says: “Is there Mr Windy Bloom?

She says: “What is he doing over there?”

*Haydi – Turkish; means “Lets”

Our Miss went talk with him

But there were only sand and grass sprout.

She says: “How come one grass sprout is

Separately germinating here?

How come I’m still alone?

Where is he? Where’s my groom?

I was so happy, heard his voice,

Few hours back he’d phoned me

And everything was clear.

(still sitting at the seaside)

It’s three past midnight

Guards’re here

What I supposed to do

What is my wish?

To throw an orange deeply to the river.

(trowing an orange and goes to her premises)

Kardeşım nerdesin? Size ben çok özledim. *

Kalbim seni olmadan çok üzülüyor.

Bu günlerde neden ruhum  meraklandı size ya

Canım benim sevgilerimle hep.

*Dear brother where are you ? I miss you very much.My heart without you in grief.Those days  why did my soul so worried about you .With my love to you always.

When our Miss had tried to sleep

The Cat went hunting

And he left his  trouvaille-chair

He catched a bird for supper near tree

Then found two dead fish

Were they lying by the sea

To be  convienced  that they’re dead

He danced  slowbreak for them

Then with a grief in heart  

He walked discreetly  to a lane and

Reached his overwhelming chair

“let’s wait “, he says.

“let’s wait “, he says:

“Well ,not in vain i’ve found that chair”.

Scene 3

First to come in for a wedding party

Was unrevealed big  big Ace

Our cat had  said :

“Tonight the famous wedding

Take  its place in heaven!”

And he heard a replica to him I guess:

“We’ll burn them with

A bonfire of one match”.

“Tomorrow maybe they will go

To celebrate to Mars”,says cat,

“They’re unconditionally crazy

And very very rich they’re.”

If now they deepen into heaven-

The groom, the bride

I wonder might it be

more suffers then for them?

And where is justice?

If Justice is exist, unfortunately,

Still she is far from them and far from heaven.”

The next  that came was a swarm of bees,


They buzz:”What shall the wedding dinner be?

They buzz:”What shall the wedding dinner be?

Some candy lolipops and “Biryani”! *

They buzz:”Where shall the wedding dinner be?”


They buzz:”Where shall the wedding dinner be?


Inside a hollow tree!”, they buzz:

“Inside a hollow tree!”

The next that came was a swarm of ants

Our Miss said them:”You came too early!

*a spicy muslim dish

Please,let me sleep,let stay alone!

Don’t wanna see you all!Go home!

Just Look ahead!The gardeners are working!

Too noisy here! Please get home!

I have a meeting with a pilot soon!

I’ll follow you with my dreams!

Please, don’t afraid, don’t worry !”

The next that came was Pope!

“My God!Probably I’m dreaming!”

Says cat:”Shall I wash up my face?”

Says cat:”Shall I wash up my face?!

What is a gift of Fate!All of a sudden!

My lord!The chair I had  found for him I guess!

For such a great occasion with a kind pleasure

I will clean that chair! Faasst!

All dust away! One -two! One -two!

All dust away! One-two! One -two!


Some water here! Quickly! Fast!

One-two! One -two! Washed over!

Now let this chair alone dry on the sun.

Will be like new one! Wheels up!

The last that came… His name

I don’t remember.

I’ll tell you later guys.”

Is  our Miss still waiting for her groom

Uh-Huh Uh-Huh !

Is  our Miss still waiting for her groom

Uh-Huh Uh-huh!

She brought some flowers

Fragile and  deeply clear.

That scent was perfect.

Her last threads to joy!

Her pale lips kissed them

And her eyes were full of tears

I hope still they’are bloomin’ well

She couldn’t sleep

She was somewhere in between –

Her dreams  and tangibility ,I guess …

Again she  sees groom’s father suddenly

She knew  he was from Isparta.

Her gush of love to him met wave of hate !

He didn’t recognize our Miss.

And  on the  other hand

He stepped  right at her  near bed mat.

Instantly  thereby he had betrayed her .

She said:”My friends,I wish you knew

How many years I looked  after him,

Inspite I haven’t met him yet !

And his Isparta’s son  as well!

I left my dreams because of them

And now, Must I see his veritable face?!

What does  that mean? These years were false?

How life is cruel sometimes to us

Creator, I  know he’ll punish them !

He’ll punish all who goes against

The rules and lows of our nature.

My lovely flowers I’ll be back to you

One day or soon.

In our awesome garden you will  bloom .

Together,I can’t leave you.

It’s too much pain inside ….

I think I’m dyin’…..

But I’m with you ….”

She says: “Cryptology  it’s what ,my friends,

I’ve heard before something about.

What else for now ?Shall I  lit up a candle?

More easy now to breath

But sound of lawn mower   

Makes me mad.

These slaves of God, they are so nice and funny.

Each early morning they’ve sent me smile

And i love them.

They know well how to feed our  Mother Earth

Where is the  poison? I prefer that…

For now I don’t know more than that .

If you have more to say

Here is my hat.”  


what were the roots of that balsamic tree whose branches still giving nuts of beauty dreams in a saint water?That place is our eldest homeland isn’t it ?One man filled the hollow of our tree and now the sun is shining brightful ! Look !Our shelter isn”t  home for them!  Mars planet dryed our tears and sorrow.Shall we follow the red circle or wait, sir , there near the tree more words await us to be given  17.02. 2019

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