Fökla Güder

Страна: Украина

Когда в жизни происходят какие-то события, я всегда провожу параллели между этими реальными событиями и прочитанными книгами. Например, когда ситуация абсурдна (обычно, это что-то бюрократическое), то вспоминается Хармс. Когда издаётся очередной “полезный” закон, то на ум приходит “Атлант расправил плечи”. Если же разводится знакомая пара, то книга “Мужчина и мальчик”. Когда по новостям слушаешь о пограничных пунктах Донецка, то – “Доктор Живаго”. Завидев почтальона – “Почтамт” Буковски. И так постоянно.

Country: Ukraine

When events occur in life, I always draw parallels between these real events and the books I’ve read. For example, when the situation is absurd (usually, it is something bureaucratic), then Harms is remembered. When the next “useful” law is published, it comes to mind “Atlas Shrugged”. If divorced familiar pair, the book “Man and Boy”. When you listen to the news about the border points of Donetsk – “Doctor Zhivago.” Seeing the postman – “Post Office” Bukowski. And so constantly.


At this moment one of the walls started to move apart. The wall was a
massive steel door of another room, from where a breath of cold came
out. Julia put on a hood.
Julia was speechless when she saw what was behind the steel doors. In
the refrigerator, where they entered, there were several transparent flasks
of two meters in size. The flasks were connected to a plentiful number of
pipes and wires, and inside of them there were young people, guys and
girls, completely naked. They stood motionless with their eyes closed, as
if they were in coma.
Julia turned on the self-preservation instinct. She started to recede,
pulling at the sleeve of her husband's jacket. But her back felt the cold
steel. The doors were already closed.
– I didn't give a permission, – Jul shouted in panic, – I will not let you to
put me into this transparent coffin. Let me out of here.
1849 respectfully turned to the couple:
– You are here only for observation. My task is to explain in detail the
goals, tasks and problems of our research, to tell about the current
achievements, to answer all your questions. After our tour you will
continue the interview with professor B. He needs to know your opinion
and evaluation of our research.
– It is a criminal offense to put people in coffins, and conduct experiments
on them. Here's my opinion, – Julia reported in response. She felt like a
cat into a corner, always ready to scratch out the eyes of anyone who
comes closer.
– Subjects in the incubators are children who were grown for several
– God, you're bullying of children!
– If you let me finish my thought, I will be pleased to answer all your
subsequent questions.
Max walked among the flasks, it looked like he was counting them. But
the mirrors prevented him from counting. It was an illusion that the room
was dimensionless, and the subjects in the flasks were countless. Each of
his attempt to find out the number of flasks was a failure.
– Go on, please, – blue-eyed blonde turned to 1849, and then to his wife –
Jul, let's listen to everything they want to say.
– Here scientists apply and explore genetic engineering. The forefathers
of the current experiments were British scientists who created a child

from three parents, two mothers and one father. This was the beginning of
progressive discoveries, which are now at the final stage. First, using only
DNA materials, a test tube and a modified incubator, the first child was
created. That was an excellent solution for those couples where a woman
did not want to mutilate her body, bear a child and give a birth. But at the
same time the couple wanted to have their genetic pro-creation. The
mankind never stops in its desires, so scientists can’t stop either. There
are couples like you who do not want to spend their lives on children.
Money is also an important factor, to raise and learn a child – an
expensive pleasure. Parents devote an average of 18 years to grow a
child, to nourish him, and the main thing – to teach the basics of life, to
put the basic knowledge about the world, and do not always manage to do
it well. Statistics show that every year adults become more stupid and
illiterate. And as it was before adults in the past were children. Therefore,
the scientists faced several tasks at once. The first is to preserve
humanity, since the number of childfree pairs is now beyond the limits,
the second is to grow up true homo sapiens. The international league of
scientists coped with them.
Here you see children who have grown up for 2 years in the full-fledged
adult members of society. To the flasks in which they are, nutrients are
connected, the body is supplied with everything necessary for accelerated
full growth and development, as well as transmitters of information,
every child of this research center has already loaded several databases
that are equivalent to two higher educations. Each individual already has
a profession, and a specialist of such a high level is already waiting for
prestigious high-paying work, once the cycle of creation is completed.
– So they are robots? – considering the received information and trying to
somehow correlate it with what he knew before, Max asked.
– No, they are people, not robots.
– But people have emotions, and emotions are the result of life
experience,- Max continued, trying to express himself in scientific
– People with high IQ tend to no emotional behavior.
– Excuse me, are you also part of the experiment? Are you also from this
flask? – before this question Julia stood as numb.
– Yes, – was the reply of 1849.

– Why did not they give you a name? Normal, human name, not a
– I will have it soon.
– Can these grown children have children? In the usual human way? Can
you marry an ordinary person? Do you function sexually the same way as
ordinary people?
– There is no need to waste time growing a child. Yes, the subjects of the
incubator may engage in sexual and social relationships with ordinary
people. But the trend shows that those people who are currently
considered ordinary, will soon disappear from the face of the earth, as
such questions and dilemmas. But their genetic code will continue to live.
– It's kind of crazy … – if Jul wrote another commentary on social
networks, there would definitely put a sad smiley face.
– This is the path that humanity is taking, this is the choice of billions of
people. And do not forget that a third part of humanity believes in the
story of Adam and Eve, which were also created as adult full-fledged
people, so nothing new, everything is cyclical.
– May we leave? I feel bad, – Julia’s face indeed became pale-green color.
– Yes, of course, – the guide pressed the red button, which is non-stop
flashing on the pocket of her robe, and large door opened again. They
walked back into the featureless room, – the door to the bathroom is on
the left.

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