Elina Danilova

Страна : Россия

Увлекаться творчеством, а именно поэзией я начала не так давно. Раньше я просто рисовала и никогда не задумывалась о чём-то серьёзном и что когда нибудь буду посылать свой стих на конкурс такого масштаба. Также я обожаю танцевать,танцами я занимаюсь намного дольше,чем поэзией. В данный момент я пишу рассказ,но думаю закончу его нескоро,так как планирую делать всё очень чётко описано.

Country : Russia

I began to get involved in creativity, namely poetry not so long ago. I used to just draw and never thought about something serious and that someday I would send my poem to a contest of this magnitude. I also love to dance, dancing I do much longer than poetry. At the moment I am writing a story, but I think I will finish it soon, because I plan to do everything very clearly described.

Из сборника стихотворений

It’s so hard to see happiness all the time
Which gives way to all worries and worries
And, through pain, it’s just fun to laugh.
Hiding how lonely at heart.

It happens that you yourself miss that happiness
Imagining unnecessary worries.
And very often you don’t trust your heart.
Searching blindly for those lost notes.

I think it’s time to forget, my friend.
I understand, letting go is painful.
But, you understand, just breaking that circle,
You can finally breathe calmly.

You can get up off your knees, even if not right away.
You will find your long lost path.
After a year, you will only remember the phrase:
“That life has passed. It cannot be returned.”


I look at our old photo,
There you and I are laughing happily.
There is no place for worries in that life of ours.
Probably, now, everything is also beautiful there!

Old photo.
The picture is already fading:
He was too often held in his hands.
Two idiots.
Joking pictures.
Then we loved to soar in the clouds.

Now everything has become a little different.
Nobody laughs, jokes playfully …
Merry, bright colors faded.
Tell me, is it still beautiful there?

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