Dastan Chikeev

Страна: Кыргызстан

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Рецензия на книгу Гарета Стампа “Козлик, который хотел путешествовать”

The charming children’s’ book  titled “the goat that wanted to travel” tells the story of young billy goat caught up in the monotony of everyday life. The short story begins by introducing the family of goats living in a robust part of Bangalore. The tale centers around a young goat that stumbles upon an adventure in his own backyard when he accidently separates from the rest of the trip. With the assistance of descriptive writing and illustrations, the author manages to create vivid imagery of the setting as the young billy goat traverses the town from the back of a motorized vehicle. In a fit of confusion the goat finds himself in the backseat of a motor vehicle, initially the young goat was startled by his surroundings as he had never truly ventured very far and only happened upon the new parts of the city by chance. The bravery of the goat showed him new parts of the world around him that he never really knew and inspired him to venture out once more despite the consequences. The driver was gracious enough to allow for the goat to remain in the motor vehicle, whilst showing him the new and unexplored part of the town. Along his minor adventure he was dazzled by the sites of the city and when he eventually encountered a swallow that told him stories of his own adventures flying around the world. As they shared a wholesome encounter the goat learned that there was so much more he wanted to see but by now it was time for the goat to return. The driver of the vehicle returned him to his abode where we was greeted with scorn for his disappearance. The next day the driver reappeared to the place he dropped him off to begin another adventure in his own backyard. 

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