Dana Jeteyeva

Страна : Казахстан

Всем привет! В очередной раз участвую в конкурсе в разделе Литературный перевод. Незаметно как-то открыла в себе способность переводить стихи. Это было оценено в конкурсе в прошлом году. Интересно то, что когда начинаю читать некоторые стихотворения, ритм и мелодия стиха сразу начинают отдаваться в сердце и слова сами складываются в строчки, но уже на английском языке.

Country : Kazakhstan

Hi, guys! I participate in this contest and in “Translation” section in particular several times now. I discovered this skill in myself just recently… And it was noted by the Guild last year. Interesting thing is that I start reading some poems and their rhythm and melody get straight into my heart and the words start forming the lines already in English…

Перевод стихотворения Aya Li “В груди моей”

In my chest

In my chest the whirl of sadness is now growing,

It’s getting wilder every year.

It started rising without showing any pity,

Was throwing me into a crevice of desire.

But that is not the lust that gives you fever,

That passion that will chill your soul.

The one that will appall and break you down,

And they will never tell you a good word.

They are like demons that get frenzy now and then,

They bite and sting deep to your marrow.

They will surround you with their cruel self,

And that is why you’re getting short of air.

As if some hands are pressing on your chest,

Those hands that even colder than of Death’s.

Those that are rougher than of any separation,

And that are making your heart ever grave.

I had experience of long goodbyes,

And they are not that hard. Believe me.

Those endless wanderings are so much worse,

Among the morbid woes and wastes.

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