Adeleke Israel Brown

Страна: Нигерия

Country: Nigeria

I am a Olevel graduate. I write poetry and other genres.

The heir of a two king. Jungle saga


I loved her dearly:

Her cloths brighten like parrots’,

Her eyes were huge

As big as the eye of the night,

Those that could see tomorrow clearly.

I loved her talons, 

Tightly fixed to her legs

Like the roots of the mountains.

I loved her beak,

It sparkle and sharp

Like the blades of a warrior.

She was fast

And swift than the eagle,

Even in her majestic.

She was the angel

A day could see.

But after the tenure

Of the sun.

When a black moon came;

The night was lonely,

The stars were exiled .

All hands lay to rest

In the darkness of night,

But while the night mourns 

With her black robe of darkness,

Then I heard the voice of her

Whom I so loved,

She laughed terribly

At the woe of the night.

She mocked the night 

And fled with her strange lovers.

My heart tore like a worn out cloth

When my holy whore fled

With the men of Arabia,

With the idols of the land.


I will mend my broken soul

And never give it again to a whore.

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