Гульсифат Шахиди

Country: UK

Was born in Leningrad in 1955, where my parents learnt and lived. As mum told, the children of post-war generation emerged seldom to light by sound. My weight- 5 of kgs surprised all, and on recognition of doctors I was an absolutely sound kid. About this case they even wrote in one of Leningrad newspapers, mum then joked frequently that journalist trade was defined for me from the first days of the li.
And it turned out. I ended the department of the journalism of Tadjik university, worked in republic young newspaper, engaged in a scientific work, defended thesis to topic “The Tadjik-Russian literary 20-30-х communications XX century” Later worked in Tadjik subsidiary of the МГТРК “The world”, editor-in-chief radio and television. Was published in printed editions of Tadjikistan and Russia.
This collector of stories is the first in Russian. This collector has been already published on English and Tadjik languages. Published additionally two books — The collector of stories “Sosedushki” and scientific sketch “Sentimental travel”. I write an autobiographical book and book humoresque. As well as one more scientific sketch of literary communications.
Is engaged now only by creative work. Husband — known composer Tolib Shakhidi, We have three adult sons and 7 grandsons.

Страна: Великобритания

Родилась в Ленинграде в 1955 году, где учились и жили мои родители. Как рассказывала мама, дети послевоенного поколения редко появлялись на свет здоровыми. Мой вес-5 килограммов удивил всех, и по признанию врачей я была абсолютно здоровой малышкой. Об этом случае даже написали в одной из ленинградских газет, мама потом часто шутила, что профессия журналистки определилась для меня с первых дней жизни.
Так и получилось. Я окончила факультет журналистики Таджикского университета, работала в республиканской молодёжной газете, занималась научной работой, защитила диссертацию на тему «Таджикско-русские литературные связи  20-30-х гг. ХХ века»
Позже работала в таджикском филиале МГТРК «Мир», главным редактором радио и телевидения. Публиковалась в печатных изданиях Таджикистана и России.
Этот сборник рассказов – первый на русском языке.  Этот сборник уже опубликован на английском и таджикском языках. Опубликовала ещё две книги — Сборник рассказов «Соседушки» и научный очерк «Сентиментальное путешествие».  Сейчас пишу автобиографическую книгу и книгу юморесок. А также ещё один научный очерк о литературных связях.
Сейчас занята только творческой работой. Муж — известный композитор Толиб Шахиди, У нас трое взрослых сыновей и 7 внуков.

Сборник рассказов “Сказки бабушки Гульсифат”

Fairy tales. “Red Piglet’s Snout”

From the book “Fairy tales for children and adults”

Once upon a time, there was a big and very kind mother of young pigsnamedHoggie. We-the piglets – always gathered around our mother, all being so different, quick, but obedient. Only one, namely, me was different among them – I had a very red snout, just purple-scarlet! Everyone had pink snouts, but I had a red one! When I was just born, everyone was afraid to even look at my nose, but eventually got used to it. Mom Hoggiecalled me – Red Snout. My brothers and sisters loved me for my cheerful and good-natured character, they always listened to my wise advice and were surprised by my resourcefulness and ingenuity. But, when they brought my temper up, and I got angry, my nose started to heat up, and I could even burn an offender. In this way, I defended myself and protected my family and friends. We had numerous brothers and sisters-piglets, and gradually I became a recognized leader among them.

Everything was fine, we lived without any problems. But later on, troubling times came. That winter a hungry Wolf appeared in the forest near our village. Every day he attacked neighbors’ pets. Our turn alsocame. My mother Hoggiewas very worried about each of her little children – piglets, but can you follow everyone all the time?

That night, I decided to be on guard and to have a look at that wicked Wolf. Of course, I was afraid. But I really wanted to know, why the beast was so insatiable? I prepared a whole bucket of our food to feed him. It was already past midnight, and I almost dozed off. Suddenly, I heard somebody breathing over myself and his very unpleasant smell.

– ‘Well, I‘ve caught you, silly little chap.Are you so brave that have decided to sleep even in the open air,and have put a bowl of botvinia to eat all night?’,the Wolf asked with terrible voice.

– ‘No, it’s for you to eat and not to poke your nose into our yard any more’, I answered without raising my head.

– ‘The food in the basin is not for me, except for a side dish’, the Wolf said sarcastically. ‘And I’ll eat you, you are so pretty and tasty’.

I began to tremble with fear, but recollected that I had decided to make that courageous step to protect the others and raised my head. My nose was so hot of anger that it became like a torch, and the color was purple. It became lighter around because of my nose, I almost burned the Wolf. He, on seeing in front of himself such a nose, decided that I was a monster and howled, and then rushed to run, without looking back, towards the forest.

I could not believe my eyes. And how come, that he was so big and terrible, and was so scared?

The whole village was surprised that the Wolf did not starthunting for pets that night, but I knew the reason and smiled.

A week later, the Wolf appeared again. He decided to take revenge against me. Thinking that I had a regular snoutat daytime, he grabbed my brother and ran into the forest. But he did not eat him at once, but decided to wait for the night to find out, whether he had taken the right piglet.

And me, Red Snout, was thinking by that time about saving my brother and shared my plan with other brothers:

– ‘Each of youwill take a beetroot and paintyour snouts with its juice. Andyou should do it several times’.

– ‘And what for?’,the brothers asked.

  • ‘We must deceive and frighten the Wolf. He will think that all of us have noses that burn. Then he will forget the road to the village’.

No sooner said than done! It was funny for mom Hoggieto look at her piglets. She still did not know what had happened, loudly grunted and laughed, pointing at our snouts. She did not know, where to her children were going.

I requested my brothers to hurry up and to take the beets with them. Not far from the edge of the forest, I saw thepleased Wolf, who was slowly and with relish preparing for a meal. Then I with my red patch bravelyapproached the Wolf.

  • ‘How have you got here, I have closed you in my hole?’, the Wolf asked angrily.

– ‘When my nose turns red, I become brave and strong. I can free myself from any hole’, I replied.

The other ‘red snouts’on hearing, where the Wolf hid their brother, rescued him and all began to appear nearby one by one, then and there. What happened to the Wolf! The only moment he wanted to catch one of the piglets-brothers, as the other called him from behind. He ran after the second, as the third one appeared.  The Wolf ran that way for a long time along the edge of the forest, and everywhere he was called by piggies with scarlet snouts that shone like lanterns from behind a bush, then from behind a tree, then at the very edge of the forest. The Wolf was very tired, hardly breathing, he fell on his back and lifted all his paws up.

  • ‘I give up, and surrender!’,he asked for mercy.
  • ‘If you promise that you will never come to our village again, we’ll leave you alone’, me, the Red Snout, said.

– ‘I promise that my paws will never be there’, the Wolf howled.

– ‘You’d bettereat beetroots’, we advised him in a chorus and threw vegetables at the Wolf. He jumped away as if stung, and vanished without a trace.

The piglets were returning home,singing a song:

‘Do you know who we are? We’re piglets,

We are brave, steel-hearted guys!

We are always a great force together,

That the fear, and the Wolf repelled forever!’

They say, that after that incident the Wolf became a vegetarian – he ate everything that grows on the ground. And he did not touch piglets anymore.


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