Танита Алексеева

Country: Kazakhstan

Tanita Adams is an artist and a writer.

Страна: Казахстан

Танита Адамс в некотором роде художник и писатель.




Перевод к «Могильщик и кость правителя»

Gravedigger Andyr and A Bone Flute

Once upon a time a vainglorious khan Sabutai sent his army to a march. Being on the march a soldier, a father of our hero did not come back home. Andyr is in his fifteenth and he has to work on the graveyard instead of his dad.

To clear debts Andyr is asking khan Sabutai to take his dead father’s trophies  otherwise the local authorities will deprive the house where he and his mother lives in.

But Sabutai khan demands from Andyr bones of his dad or it would mean the brave soldier had been frighten and left the battlefield. Our boy can not refuse and accepts to bring concrete proof.

So Andyr is going to graveyard. That is the only place where he feels free in a such offensive town. There another worker sympathizes with him and as an ex-soldier of khan’s army lets himself disclose a secret. He is telling a story about a very-old-wizard-in-cotton-ball that lives alone midst bones far away from here.  It does not scare our hero. Although Andyr is not rushing alone but a dog taken on his way.

When he meets wizard-in-cotton-ball he is given a magical bone that could make everything alive. According to wizard, Andyr is making a bone flute and finds out that his dog has disappeared. Either it was eaten or it died by itself. Such fact has instilled terror into Andyr.

Feeling upset Andyr is taking the path made by khan’s army. By the evening Andyr plays the bone flute to try to revive his Dog. Eventually his attempts were crowned with success. The marvelous melody has revived not only Dog but also a Ravon. The alive Ravon tells the truth about the musical instrument made by Andyr. It was a bone of Impartial Ruler. People still do pray for his return.

On Andyr’s way they find out the first Sabutai’s army burial ground in the Wild Forest. But there was not Andyr’s father’s grave.

Though nobody noticed that owns-guard working on Ravon’s Nest Fortress were following them during the whole journey.

At that moment Andyr, Dog and Ravon are attacked by beasts. Beasts try to force Andyr to give them the bone flute. He refuses to do that. Suddenly some riders-in-fur appear to help Andyr. Andyr escapes but beasts are still fighting riders.

Escaped Andyr found himself in the middle of poppy field. On the edge of the field he sees remains of the second khan Sabutai’s burial ground. And there was not father’s grave as well. It makes Andyr fell appalled. At that moment Ravon, Dog and Andyr were taken prisoners by the Beasts.

An island where three captives were brought to was surrounded by water of Kirov lake. There, Andyr gets acquainted with Bear and Goblin. The Pirate Leader Didargin learnt that Andyr has got a magical bone and wants him to revive dragons lain in deep water of lake. Andyr has no choice and carries out the order. When Didargin sees his dragons alive he wants to kill Andyr. However riders-in-fur interfere with Pirate and save Andyr’s life again. Ravon, Dog, Andyr amd riders run away from the island.

So, who are the Riders-in-fur? They are soldiers of Ravon’s Nest Fortless whose main aim is resurrection of Impartial Ruler. To revive him they need to keep all bones of him. The only piece is absent and it belongs to Andyr. When Impartial Ruler is alive he will be able to establish piece on the Earth. However they can not just take it away from Andyr. He has to do it by himself. Resurrection will not be done if anybody forces owner.

Nevertheless Bear and Goblin detest Impartial Ruler and they are persuading Andyr not to give the last piece to soldiers. Revival creatures tell him that there was real piece and also it was achieved by plenty of blood. And such piece was not worth it.

Andyr’s decision is invaluable. He does not want to discuss it until he finds the right grave. Others have to follow him. Finally they achieve the third burial ground in Balbal. But Andyr can not find the grave.

Here Andyr comprehends the fact that soldiers are ready to kill each other to achieve the goal. It does scare him. All voyagers hear sounds of dragons. It was dragons of Didargin. The last burial ground is next to Ravon’s Nest Fortress. They hide into it. While dragons are fighting brave soldiers Andyr can not keep going. Inside Andyr meets sheikh of Ravon’s Nest. He wants Andyr to revive Impartial Ruler. He tells him it would be the best place ever for everyone. Meanwhile Bear and Ravon are taken into cage.

Imprisonment of his friends has shocked our hero. He can not decide what to do. On the other hand if he does revive Impartial Ruler his friends will be in prisoners for ever or all people and creatures will suffer from injustice of beks and khans.

The bright ides comes to Andyr. He decides to steal the golden grave of Ruler rebury him so nobody will know it.

Andyr helps Bear and Ravon to escape. United they steal the golden grave together at dark night. They hide Ruler’s bones and take the grave back to sheikh’s fortress.

To the centre of fortress the golden grave is brought. Soldiers, dragons and others deem that the Impartial Ruler is alive and pray for him. When Bear and Ravon open it up, they see it is empty. Silence.

Andyr is saying,

“He will never come back. You must live your own life. Create your destiny.’

Sabutai khan admits his mistake and gives Andyr trophies of his father.

Andyr is a hero now and stood upon his father’s grave he says goodbye.

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