Синева Диана

Страна: Россия

Стихи сжимают время,
Уносят далеко,
С души снимают бремя,
И дышится легко.

Country: Russia







Стихотворение “Stay”

Please, stay for a while-

Tonight is surprisingly free.

And let the moonlight,

Will guide me to my tree.

Please, let the stars light,

Each will tell about itself,

And approach the night,

So tell you about myself…

Please, don’t leave so soon.,

I’ll give you the flight of my words…

In my heart the tune,

Whichepierced my soul like a sword.

Please, stop the moment –

I want to remember this feast,

And scatter the lend

North, South, West and East.

And let fall the moon,

That’s hiding the world in the night,

My heart caught her warm

And stars hug inside…


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