Ралина Искакова

Страна : Россия

Country : Russia

Ревью на книгу Алдоны Групас Сестричка, дайте мне таблетку для смерти “

This book called «Nurse, Give Me a Pill for Death» written by strong, wise, kind and self-motivated woman Aldona Grupas. She tells about life and her way to succes. When things go wrong and laziness and other excuses stand in the way, you need to take time-out and read this inspiting book. It remembers that nothing comes easy. Difficulties are part of succes. If you focused on results you need do all the best. Confidence in yourself and actions are receipt of succes by Aldona Groupas.

In the book autor tells about moving to England and what she and her family faced. Nurse with diploma and job experience in Lithuania moved to unfamiliar Great Britain in 2005. When she came there she experienced all difficulties as newly-minded foreigner: lonelyness. Language barrier and no acceptable job-offers despite diploma and job-experience. After enrolling in a nurse course in local college she got nurse assistant job in retirement home. It is a hard physical and mental work. You must dress, feed and wash strangers every day. Not all of them were there of their own free will. This powerlessness often drives to negativity and derpession. And nurses and their assistants becomes victims of this feelings. it’s lucky if you are eye to eye with this people. But autor is sure that if you believe in what you do there is no obstacles in your way. Just be yourself and hold the ground! It’s easy give up and come back to comfort zone. No one reaches the target without leaving this zone. No pain no gain! Only moving to new heights is personality development index. Meaning of life borns this way. And age doesn’t matter. In support these words autor said: “Yes, old age always comes. But it is not a tragedy. It is a constant. It’s just a physical body change. It doesn’t take away your beauty, wisdom, talent and experience. Every change is another step forward in out life”.

It has been a long way for nurse assistant Aldona Groupas. Now she is succesful autor, busynesswoman and coach. She combines all this with nurse job. Her lithuanian husband Gediminas is a doctor in one of the clinics in England. By her example Aldona shows us that any difficulties can be overcome on the way to the goal. You just need to believe and do your best.

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