Парвез Кумар

Страна: Россия

По профессии я учитель, по увлечению поэт. Последние 15 лет я пишу стихи на английском языке. Мне нравится развивать разные стили написания стихов. Места, люди и природа вдохновляют меня писать. Я благодарен им.

Country: Russia

I am a teacher by profession, a poet by hobby. I have been writing poetry in English for last 15 years. I like developing different styles of writing poems. Places, people and nature inspire me to write. I am thankful to them.

Ревью на книгу Михаила Куницкого “Путешествие на четырёх лапах“ 

The book shows the world of pets and nature which has been missing for some decades in our life. In the beginning of the book, the puppy does all that a good puppy should do, but creates a mess (according to a human being’s opinion). Then he introduces us to his owner Nastya and other pets: a hamster and 3 cats in the house. When he says “together, it’s fun”, it reminds me of Soviet cartoon called “Prostokvashino”. And the incident with the bear flying with a balloon takes you to the beautiful Soviet cartoon “Winnie Pooh”. The writer has managed to create the wonderful world for children in the book without any modern gadget or technology. The author urges us to respect and value the life of our pets. So, the book tries to rebuild the bridge of emotions between human beings and nature, as we see Nastya wants to be a zoologist.
The puppy explores the yard of the house to know more and gives us description of everything that is happening around. For instance, the activities of the snail, the argument between hedgehog and grass-snake.
Readers can also notice quick timelapse of seasons, weather and activities in the book. Autumn, winter, spring and summer are described in such a way that a reader really feels the atmosphere and has pleasant memories of those seasons.
Furthermore, the puppy’s travelling all over the world and meeting different kinds of animals gives us an overall glimpse of wild but very cute life. The writer has taken the book to a higher level when he shows us the world underwater. We see the water life through the eyes of the puppy.
I must say that the author has done a great job collecting everything in one book: our connection with nature, upbringing of children and teaching them to love animals and value their life.


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