Наиля Ланд

Страна : Россия

Country : Russia 

My name is Nailya Landyreva. I was born in Moscow, Russia. I used to write poems when I was a child, but when I was 16 I wrote my first real poem about love. At the age 25 I decided to write poems not only for myself but for friend and other people – congratulation poems and poems to order. Now I take a part in different poetic events in Moscow, including Moscow Library Night, school of poets and others. In 2016 and 2018 I was nominated for the “Poet of The year” award, organized by stihi.ru. My dream is to see my poems published in an English poetry book.

Отрывок из сборника стихотворений

The fish

You make the woman feel like she is alive,

Although she is only wasting her whole life. 

She is painting clouds with the dark of night

And waiting while her thoughts to stop to fight.

She lives in the modern tower like a Princess

Her soul is full of simple tenderness. 

And every day she looks for pretty news

That quenches her soul’s thirst like a juice.

She keeps her feelings deep and deep inside

Pretending she is deaf like fish by the seaside

Who jumped out of the waves to take a breath

But couldn’t know would bring it’s death.

She is not holy, not an angel, not a star

She tells the truth – she is only angel’s staff.

And when she hears the voice of human pain

She prays up to the sky and asks it for rain.

The rain that awakens your earth to life

And grows the flowers that will make you smile.


It was an earthquake, did you hear it?
I ask you, dear, be here, be near me.
I feel the pain, I swear it is true,
I have injuries, three or two.

We fell in love like fell from a height,
I asked you recently to fly.
We were so scared but still we tried
You knew we could because we are wild.

We touched the sky and fell apart
I think it happened in March.
We are not birds but we could sing.
Around the Earth we made a ring.

The Earth is shivering with fever,
It was so beautiful my dear.
And now in winter starts to snow
White parts of dreams we had been showed. 

To you

I am walking slowly along the street
Welcome to grey Moscow days
Only clouds, only cold and depression
My thoughts are far far away..
I devoted you just one day of my life
All the tenderness I have ever had
I try to remember, I try to forget
Our first day and our last night.
And maybe you will not call me
You will live like you lived before
I will keep this feelings in my heart
Only feelings and nothing more.

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