Мария Сейшельская

Страна : Россия

Окончила Московский государственный лингвистический университет (МГЛУ) по специальности перевод и переводоведение, а также ДИПЛОМАТИЧЕСКУЮ АКАДЕМИЮ МИД РФ по специальности международное право. Являюсь переводчиком сборника стихотворений “НЕ ДУМАЙ О ЗАВТРА”, А ТАКЖЕ КНИГИ “ЧУДО НАПИСАНИЯ ИКОН: ЛИЧНЫЙ ОПЫТ”.

Country : Russia

I have graduated from the MOSCOW LINGUISTIC UNIVERSITY AND THE DIPLOMATIC ACADEMY OF THE MFA of the Russian Federation. I AM AN AUTHOR OF THE POEMS “SIEZE THE DAY” and the book “The miracle of writing poems: my personal experience”.

Перевод поэзии “Не думай о завтра“ 




I need my pandemic,

Let it cover the whole world,

Take off the masks –

A person is deeply infected

by a beaming smile.


I need my epidemic,

The epidemic of goodness,

Let people hurry up

For good Deeds,

As our planet is alive.


I need a beauty infection,

Let it seize with a warmth sense,

Making everybody with a generous spirit,

And steps from door to door.


I need my pandemic,

Let the gene of happiness inside wake up,

And it will make people friendly,

We are against the war.


Pandemic of love and friendship,

Good help to the old bones

Will become known by childminding,

And there is no place for death in the world!

И осталось только понять:
Я актер или просто зритель,
Или нужно сценарий менять?

Time is running away


Time is running away galloping,

Like a child getting funny and playing,

Not caring at all

What leaves behind.


Someone’s relationship broke,

Love came to someone,

Someone got the opportunity,

Someone left the trouble.


Everything is in motion

Even implicitly,

And it only remains to understand:

I’m an actor or just a spectator,

Or do I need to rewrite the script?

On a pink cloud


I chased rainbows

like “Don Quixote”,

Years raced by, 

As if a rainfall of fantasy washed away.


No regalia and no position,

The gold reserve has not saved,

There are just places in my heart, 

Where I was lucky to join my dream…


There was only a taste of magic left,

Feeling of a great miracle,

I will sing the beauty’s land –

That’s a great reward of life. 

I’m dripping with wet


How much rain,

Monotonous days –

I collect it in a piggy bank,

A piggy bank of a short life,

What I call my life.


I want to wash my days with rain,

And let the tears dry,

Rain becomes tears:

Everything had got all mixed up,

It seems to me I’m dripping with wet. 

Fate has a tough hand


Fate has a tough hand,

The spine feels steel,

I am swept away by a whirlwind

right into the abyss,

In my heart there’s a hope that to heaven.


There is no way to change something,

Turn is no longer given,

Balancing, remembering:

That was the way the cookie crumbles –

So what?


Oh, where will it bring?

And where will it lead me?

As roulette of fortune spins,

Falling back again to zero.


It is impossible

To wait, sit out, hide,

It sounds like death,

It’s better swirl over the abyss

Like an arrow from a bow.

Spirit is still in my bones


Spirit is still in my bones,

It struggles and tortured me,

All body is broken down

And my soul runs away.


It breaks loose from home,

A new way is waiting for my spirit,

I am sick at heart today,

My spirit threatens me to get away for good…


It is impossible to live as before,

But I can’t breathe in a new light,

I feel a blow

And cry quietly in a vacuum.


Where are my wishes?

Where are my decisions?

I should chase all fear and do away with everything,

And then trampling under foot all doubts,

I should really walk tall.

I’m probably very rich


I’m probably very rich…

I’m perhaps very poor,

I spend so much on pathos,

I am hopelessly modest in everyday life…


If that principle is taken as a basis –

I am completely a Russian woman,

Of course, I spend a lot

Without saving money for a rainy day.

I walked all over heavens


I walked all over heavens,

I bring all the problems to heavens,

Surprising the saints by it for a long time,

I confused holiness and darkness.


I raise my eyes to the sky,

I gratefully look at the sky,

And I will see my victory –

I admire my life, I am proud.

I ask the God again


I ask the God again to give me

New energy for my accomplishments,

I will set the Thames on fire,

I do not save other people’s achievements.


And I’ll only ask myself:

Where are my achievements?

And what?

I know, I’ve already created everything,

I only need to voice and multiply everything.

If you may breathe


If you may breathe,

That is a miracle to «live»,

If I cry a little,

Oh, this is the miracle to «sob». 

If a smile in my eyes

So «laughter» is possible,

If luck comes along

That portends «success».


It starts all implicitly,

Just have time to see the sprout,

Everything happens fatally,

Everything has its source.

I choose a cleaner source,

I follow my fate like walking along a stream,

The water is cleaner and quieter,

I hurry to the ocean of the universe.

I collect my warmth


I accumulate my warmth,

I collect it piece by piece,

The God has given me so much

that seemed a sin not to share.


But my treasury has run out,

And my health is gone,

And my luck has turned –

I could give everything for good. 


I ask the God again:

«Give me back my charisma,

I can’t give away anything,

I appreciate my drop of life!».

Devoted to a daughter


You are blooming like a rose,

You are beautiful as night,

You don’t find only clothes

 to yourself. 


The reason is that 

your body is wonderful,

And you can dress it

Only in the «rays of fiber».


I’ll hug you in the sun,

I’ll wrap you in the clouds,

I’ll fasten together a linger of perfume 

with a star around you.


There are shoes on your feet,

Your walk is easy,

The doors of the world are open –

Its dreams that make the world go round!

The foliage waltzed around


The foliage waltzed around, 

The dance is great and beautiful, 

It is seized with the death breath, 

Leaves flush under the feet of passers-by,

It will grace your life finally,

Cold and ice will bite soon,

Cleanliness and order will come

And will fade a rave of colour.

The curtain will go down soon,

This dance was performed as an encore,

The leaflet knows about this,

And it remains in limbo…


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