Куандык Шамахай

Страна : Казахстан

Куандык Шамахайулы – родился и вырос в Монголии, писатель, который пишет свои произведения на казахском и монгольском языках. В 1983 году окончил Монгольский государственный университет по специальности журналистика. В 1993 году он переехал в Казахстан, а в 1999 году получил гражданство.
Работал журналистом, главным редактором и профессором газетных и журнальных изданий Казахстана. Его сборник художественной литературы «В пустыне» и его публицистическая книга «След писателя остается на бумаге навеки» были изданы в виде отдельных книг при поддержке Министерства культуры Республики Казахстан. Он перевел и опубликовал многие из своих работ на казахском языке.
Он также является автором десятков учебников и монографий. В феврале-марте 2001 года по приглашению Государственного департамента США он посетил 5 штатов, 9 городов США, чтобы обменяться опытом с коллегами-учеными. Известный ученый и писатель, написавший книгу «Америка, увиденное мною», в своей поездке.

Country : Kazakhstan

Kuandyk Shamakhay is a writer who was born and grown in Mongolia and writes in Kazakh and Mongolian languages. He graduated from Mongolian State University in 1983 with a degree in journalism. In 1993 he moved to Kazakhstan and in 1999 became a citizen of this country.

In 2006 he has worked as a journalist, editor-in-chief of newspapers and magazines in Kazakhstan, a professor at the university. His collection of fiction “In the Desert” and his journalistic book “The writer’s footprints remain on paper” were published as a separate book with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He translated many works from around the world into Kazakh and published them as a separate collection.

He is also the author of dozens of textbooks and monographs. In February and March 2001, at the invitation of the US Department of State, he visited 5 states and 9 cities in the United States and exchanged experiences with writers and scientists. He is a well-known scientist and writer who wrote a book about this trip. It’s called “America I’ve Seen.”

Отрывок из новеллы ” Behind the bars”


You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln

“Zharkynbek, what if you don’t leave this time? People say different things. As the saying goes: “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Let’s wait for the showdown.” Aisaule never tired of begging her husband. The answer from Zharkynbek to it is also always ready.

“People say what they want. Authorities do not officially say anything. There is a friendly agreement between China and Kazakhstan. East Turkestan is the place where I was born and raised. That year in Urumqi, after the conflict between the Uyghur and Khan peoples, the political situation worsened. But what does it have to do with us? I’m not Uyghur.”

“Do they say that Kazakhs are also being attacked and imprisoned in “training centers” opened under the pseudonym?” – having said that round black eyes Aisaule expanded like it is going out of its bowl.

“Honey, why are you scared ? You saw it that year. You came with a pleasant surprise that “What foothill pastures of the Altai, an ethnographic Museum of real Kazakh traditions. Now you’re talking so much trouble. Why do you believe the rumors?”

  “Ten years have passed since then! Well, you can choose as you decide, my dear! How not to be scared when social networks are torn apart by the screams of the soul of those complaining about the reigning cruelty and treachery in the lands of China, Xinjiang.” – Zharkynbek paid attention to the words of his slightly calming wife: “I am not the same as before, now I am a citizen of a separate and independent Kazakh country. The man who was educated in Beijing. I am not that steppe, quiet and slow Kazakh countryside. Do you think I know all the rules and order of the law less than the hanzu themselves? I am a scientist who goes on a business trip on scientific work. In addition, you are my wife and a half – a native of the wide steppe Saryarka. We are connected like a golden bat of a little son and like our silver charm of a little daughter whom we bring up and grow in our homeland, the Altai Mountains also connect with the Central Kazakhstan small hills Arka. And why, then, do the Chinese have any claims against me? One name is that there is an intersection of the Chinese border, and so for centuries these lands are native and their own. What you are very well aware of.”

  “Enough. While the entire genetic tree of the Kazakhs has not been retold, please eat! I have a suggestion with the following content: come on, tomorrow evening we will invite relatives and friends home, set the table and treat them! May they bless you on the long journey, wish you a bright journey” – saying, Aisaule went to the kitchen.

The next evening, Zharkynbek’s parents and all his relatives from the side of his wife, nephews and comrades, with whom he speaks in the city, in short, a large number of guests, all gathered at the table of the scientist’s family. Each of the guests had a conversation on various topics, talked about the news, when suddenly, an elderly man, turning to Zharkynbek’s father, said:

“What’s going on in Altai? The people are agitated. Various rumors are circulating here. Sometimes they say such terrible things that frost on your skin, you think, really whether trouble and punishment have overtaken the Kazakhs. You don’t understand who is right or to blame. My son-in-law has not been in those parts for many years. What will happen this time? May God save you from adversity and evil!”

  This man is Aisaule’s father. Zharkynbek’s father, aksakal Baytemir, took a leisurely look from afar and started a conversation:

“As early as three years since I moved. In those days, it was calm among the people. That year saw nonsense between the Uyghurs and the Chinese. If people do not say it. Hanzu to the Kazakhs during the chairman of Dyn (Deng Xiao Ping) were calm among the people, and during the reign of the following, they did not particularly find fault. During the reign of the leader of Mau (Mao Ze Dong), there were also various hardships and commotion. In those years they did not pay attention to nationality. Under the pretext of “Cultural Revolution” and their Chinese spread rot. We withstood what happened with the people, as they say, “It’s not a burden with the people.” Now is not the time to be afraid or afraid of something. About this leader Shi people say that he is a tyrannical person. However, nowadays it does not dare to offend the freedom-loving Kazakhs, who are behind their independent state. We are not Tibetans and Uighurs who do not have a country behind their backs, which makes it possible to provide shelter and home. Is not it, my guest?”

  “Glory to the Almighty, of course. Not above all than the health, tranquility and peace of the people. In the Soviet era, between the two countries there was a restriction in free movement, the bird was not allowed to fly over the border. Now times have changed – it has become better, after all, is it not XXI century in the yard? Hearing someone’s lips about the genocide of Stalin’s reign, or like Hitler’s concentration camps, it’s scary, terrifying. Naturally, concern comes for the situation of the blood brothers remaining to live beyond the Altai mountains. As the teller Kaztugan Zhyrau sang in ancient times, “good to you and well-being, the Edil brothers remained in a foreign land” with heartache and reluctantly left their merciless enemy homeland, having moved to other lands. There were times when, for the sake of their generation, they also massively migrated from Altai to the fatherland and created a stronghold. We are reaching now, together with everyone not having migrated. Our ancestors said earlier, “May the Russians be alive and healthy on the one hand, and the Chinese on the other side,” thereby referring to the tranquility of the neighboring peoples in order to positively reflect on us! There are a lot of rumors about China today. May they have a peaceful future!”

  “None of us have seen the whole truth with our own eyes, who to believe and who not to believe! We will not hinder the path of an educated, well-read and literate person, our Zharkynbek. Let him go and see the people and the population with his own eyes, take up his plans aimed at them. They say that it is directly related to the topic of his research work. From the place of work so decided. What can we do besides bless him and wish him luck?”

  “Of course! You’re right. Our idea is to be careful. Did not our ancestors say: “Be careful yourself”?”

  “Yes, according to popular wisdom, “who is not destined to die, and for forty years of the war you will not wait.” In fact, China is no longer a state, it has changed a lot. What you say about caution is right. However, since he is a person who is engaged in science, not politics, what will the Chinese government have to do with my son.”

  “God grant. Politics is not an occupation for us and it has complex nuances, which are very difficult to predict. God bless him!”

Since the elders ate fat mutton and sipping whipped koumiss, they had been interestedly talking over the dastarkhan in their house, it had been flying since six months.

  However, Zharkynbek as he left that time, it turned out that for a long time. While in Urumqi, in a short time he kept in touch with us. He said that after receiving a temporary registration (napos), he would go to his native land. After which not a word from him. The phone was constantly disconnected. At least on the pages of social networks wrote something. Of course, from the fact that the remaining relatives began to worry, no more than what else they could do. The searches from from the place of work and the embassy Zharkynbek did not yield a positive result.

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