Кеваева Мария

Страна: Российская Федерация

Начинающий писатель и переводчик. Преподаватель английского языка. Интересы: дорамы, кошки, шоколад, прогулки под дождем и солнечные люди, языки, рисование.

Country: Russia








Рассказ «СТАЯ» (Любовь Филимонова, 2018)

Cold and empty streets in the early ’90s… Huge lines, exhausted faces, hollow shop windows. The time when you couldn`t buy anything without getting some vouchers first – just to realize you didn`t have enough money to buy anything with them. The time when a person`s life wasn`t worth a bottle of moonshine. The time when future for everyone looked like a big deep hole…

Different people called those days different things. “Perestroika” – for those who found new hope in the decades of reforms. For others – aimless wandering after Salinger`s Holden in search of belonging.  “Humanitarian disaster”. Or “The dashing 90`s” – for those who were struggling so hard just to live.  

But the most impressive were the moments – those tiny rays of light and kindness that sometimes appeared despite all odds. Little rays of hope – just to show that God has not completely forgotten our dark evil realm.

…Late October. Empty street with a chilly nip in the air. A few people at the bus stop were flocking together, trying to avoid icy-cold wind. No shelter except for a faded, barely noticeable sign and a half-broken bench which could no longer bear anything heavier than a whole bird.

Not a single soul here, at the edge of town. Just the wind moving stuff around. And a handful of people waiting for a bus, hoping for a sun that seldom shines.

Shuddering and exhausted, they were covering faces with popped up collars and trying to seek some shelter behind each other`s back. When suddenly a very odd company came up out of the blue.

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