Ирина Илларионова

Страна: Россия

Меня зовут Ирина Илларионова, мне 34 года, я лингвист-переводчик, преподаватель, редактор сборника «На одном языке», в котором стихи поэтов из разных стран печатаются на русском. Более 10 лет перевожу поэзию и прозу Елены Корнеевой, а также являюсь её соавтором текстов песен на английском языке. Являюсь полуфиналистом конкурса «UK Songwriting Contest», 2017. Увлекаюсь изучением немецкого и польского языков.

Country : Russia

My name is Irina Illarionova, 34. I am a translator, teacher and the editor of ‘In the Same Language’ collection of poems, where we publish poets from all over the world in Russian. I have been translating Elena Korneeva’s poetry and prose for 10 years, together we write lyrics in English. I am a semi-finalist of ‘UK Songwriting Contest’, 2017. I am keen on learning German and Polish.

Перевод трилогии Елены Корнеевой “След


The nature’s source, the nature’s home;

That female world breathes in emotion,

And we live for a joyful glow,

And we make art, make in devotion.


The nature’s life, the nature’s shine

That fosters us and penetrates;

Its goodness to us is divine,

Where there is Love, the Love is Saint.


The nature’s breath, the nature’s cry;

Now careless, now as of a crane;

The nature’s aeon, a grain of time,

Where there are humans, but humane.


The nature’s sound, the nature’s whist,

A shoal is close, but it is deep;

It won’t forgive a careless twist,

And rob of things that people keep.


The nature’s source, the nature’s gist,

Now it is wayward, now it’s meek.

It takes and gives life like a bliss,

But it has love; its Love’s unique…



Gravity pulls on me, gravity of your soul;

It is only a dream, on the water I go;

It’s the light of the stars and the unending flame;

It is tenderness filling my palm on this day.


Gravity of your soul, it is love that I’ve got;

I will walk in the dew, but my blood is so hot

That it lures me to your soft embrace through the night,

And my love is so deep and pure as light.



You sought humbly a woman in me,

Thumbed the pages, looked at the book’s spine, 

Only I’m not the icon, not she.

Only I am a bird in the sky.


You sought me in the rustling of trees,

In soft winds and the ocean’s deep blue.

But I failed to be born by the breeze,

I still looked from the icon at you.


You sought in me the things that were clear,

Couldn’t notice the depth and abyss,

From your life I would not disappear,

It’s the main thing that you must have missed.


You could get what was humble in me,

What was meek, open to eyes daylong.

I’m Madonna, but you couldn’t see;

I’m the one who loves heavenly strong…



Their memory’s edge, the edge of their soul

Through time with a candle I trod,

And those who saved lives, but for keeps had to go

Are given salvation by God.


On the edge of their memory, in our hearts

Let great deeds forever be live.

It’s where not faces weep, but souls tear apart

And sounds of our prayers go up high.


For everyone who stayed in trenches and dreams,

For everyone who hasn’t come home

We keep it in mind and it means with a glee

Their souls laugh in heaven’s high dome.


Their memory’s edge, the edge of their soul

Through time and oblivion it trod,

That deed like a life for those who had to go

Will give them salvation from God.



A soul to a soul reaches out a hand;

A soul to a soul is a tenuous strand,

Just a breath of wind, just the highest blue;

A soul to a soul is all you’ve gone through.


A verse to a verse is a tiny pace;

A verse to a verse jumps to the deep space;

Just a line or two, just a soar up high;

A verse to a verse teaches you a life.


A dream to a dream is only skyline;

A dream to a dream is a brand new fly.

Just a whirl of faith or dome of the sky;

A dream to a dream is a soar up high.


One love to next love is a pain and glow;

One love to next love is a gift alone;

It’s a lesson or just a daring pace;

One love to next love is what fate will say…


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