Иван Пармакли

Страна : Молдова

С детства увлекаюсь музыкой и астрономией, изредка писал стихи. Начиная с 2010 года занялся серьезно стихотворчеством, так как нашел в нем способ самовыражения. В 2016 году выпустил сборник стихов под названием “В минуты вдохновения”.

Country : Moldova

Since childhood, I have been fond of music and astronomy, and occasionally wrote poetry. Since 2010, I have been seriously engaged in poetry, as I found a way to express myself in it. In 2016, I released a collection of poems called ”In Moments of Inspiration”.

Рецензия на книгу Гарета Стампа “Козлик, который хотел путешествовать”

Gareth Stamp is an artist and teacher originally from the UK with Welsh roots and heritage. He regularly exhibits his art across Europe and Central Asia and has written numerous articles and short stories, but this is the first children’s book that he has both written and illustrated. The ideas for his children’s books come from his travels and his fascination of the connection between man and nature.

The story ‘The goat that wanted to travel’ is about a goat which lived in a city. There were a lot of shops and mostly no food for the goats and there was only one place with food for the goats. Once the goat came to this shop where a boy was selling rice and nearby there was a butcher’s shop. It was restricted for the goats to come close to this shop but one day the naughty goat was so mesmerized by the constantly changing traffic that he didn’t look where he was going and got near the butcher’s shop. He was so scared that he ran away and jumped in a tuk tuk. The driver asked where did he want to go but the goat didn’t say anything and they just drove away. They were travelling and the first place they stopped was a big beautiful palace. They drove on further and soon came to a massive green open space with people sitting under trees and enjoying their time. Then they drove away and after some time the goat realized that it’s his street and he leaped out of the tuk tuk in excitement and relief. The goat started to telling his story but no one seemed happy and the young goat was tied up and not allowed to wander anymore. He was very upset and got acquainted with a swallow which flew over the mountains and the world. The goat felt sad was bleated all night. In the morning to his surprise there was the driver waiting for him to travel. 

I liked the story as it shows us that we always have to dream and to believe in the best. If you fill yourself up with positivity and abundance than you will get in return what you deserve. The main key is to have strong belief no matter what and life will give it to you in the best way possible. 

If you are a beautiful soul and see the beautiful in this world, as we can see the goat which was mesmerized by the traffic, then you will attract beautiful souls as well, as the goat attracted the driver who wanted to show him the world without any conditions. We have to give love and then we’ll receive it even twice as much. 

This story is great both for kids and adults as it teaches us to love and to believe what everybody needs for a better life.

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