Екатерина Пуллинен

Страна : Финляндия

Меня зовут Пуллинен Екатерина. С 2013 года я проживая в Финляндии. Поэзией увлекаюсь с юных лет. Поэзия мне помогает справиться со сложными жизненными ситуациями и эмоциями. Основательно начала заниматься творчеством 5 лет назад. Пишу на английском, русском и немного на финском языке. Публикуюсь в сборниках современной поэзии “Modern poetry” от издательского дома “Арт-сияние”. На данный момент пишу так же роман, участвую в писательских конкурсах: «Москва инноваций — 2050», Конкурс сказок на «Волшебной скрижали». В 2019 году участвовала в философском исследовании “Выражение любви в английской современной поэзии: конструктивный подход”

Country : Finland

My name is Ekaterina Pullinen. Since 2013 I have been living in Finland. I have been fond of poetry since my youth. Poetry helps me to cope with difficult life situations and emotions. I began to engage in creativity thoroughly 5 years ago. I write in English, Russian, and a little in Finnish. I publish in collections of poetry “Modern poetry” from the publishing house “Art-siyanie”. At the moment I am also writing a novel, taking part in writing competitions: “Moscow of Innovations – 2050”, Competition of fairy tales on the “Volshbnaja strizhal”. In 2019 I participated in the philosophical research “Verbalization of love in modern English poetry: constructional approach”

Отрывок из сборника стихотворений “A pupped doll”


A pupped doll


A puppet doll in evil’s hands,

She’s not a clever human.

A puppet doll in human’s plays.

A kind of stuff and substance


“And it’s okay!” they said,

“She doesn’t feel a nothing.

She’s only a puppet doll, that’s all,

She never speaks, she is a silent moll”.


“Let cut up dress!” they said with smiling.

They cut her fluffy dress.

A puppet doll was standing naked on the floor

No tears, no pain, and no reflexions.


“Oh, it’s okay!” they said.

“She just a puppet girl, that’s all.

She doesn’t feel, non-even hurt.

She never tells it to no body”.


“It is okay!” they said with greedy faces,

“Let’s cut her wavy, long hair off?”

They’re cutting off her wavy hair.

Her head now bold, she’s holding tears and still not crying


“It is okay!” they said

“She doesn’t hurt.

She doesn’t feel a pain.

She just a puppet doll, that’s all!”


A puppet girl stays bold and naked on the floor.

No tears, no pain, and no reflexions.

“It is okay!” they said.

“She just a puppet doll, that’s all” they said and smiling.


I’ve never been your star


What could I say?

I left you here my honey.

What for I pray?

I lost inside my mind.


It’s not okay,

I leave this town in morning.

But who is care,

About you and I?


What could I say?

I left you here my honey.

You better stay,

It would be best us.


It’s not okay,

I leave this town in morning.

I must pray,

I must pray for us.


I have to say,

I left you here my honey.

I let you go,

We’ve just part of past.


But… it’s not okay

I leave this town in morning

I’ m no more here

So please don’t cry us




Looking at the darkest sky

Stars are shining brightly

They touched my soul

Amazed and wonder why

Why they are so lonely?


Fly away


I can’t hold you tightly

You can fly away

Rain is falling slowly

But it’s stops someday


Time is ticking loudly

Memories and lanes

I will let land down 

You will fly away


Everything will vanish

Disappear in the veins

You are falling slowly

Thought my fingers nails


People come and going

Truth inside the rain

Everything leaves, flowing

You will fly away


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