Дарья Аскарова

Страна : Россия

Country : Russia

Ревью на книгу Елены Безруковой “Проективная графика “

I’m going to write a few words about book I have recently received on my mail. The book is written by Kazakh writers and artists Yelena Bezrukova and Valentina Tikhomirova. The book is about contemporary art –  Projective Graphics. It contains the description of this stream, the little story about the beginning of their way of art and plenty of pictures of Y.Bezrukova and V. Tikhomirova. From the first sight that pics seems to be just children’s scribbles, simple curves without sense. But if you hold your gaze on them, you may see something behind them. One may find in it familiar characters, images, moods and even stories. From the very beginning the book seemed to me a little boring and intricate because of historical description with plenty of special words of occurrence Projective Graphics. The book engaged me when I started to read about personal experience of one of the artists Yelena Bezrukhova. I felt her mood and her passion to this sort of art. Nowadays you can often hear that modern art doesn’t exist. I don’t agree with that, I think it exist, in spite of you like it or not. The art changed, the world changed. I think that Projective Graphics isn’t notorious enaugh nowadays, but I think it will someday. Because it’s not only about art, it’s about meditation and psychology therapy. In the hole the book is interesting, it’s worth to read if you are an artist and going to learn a new stream or if you just want to be aware of modern art, if you’re interesting in it. As to me, to be honest, I’m not artist and I prefer classic art with sharp lines and clear content, but even for me it was interesting experience to find sense in that pieces of art, which is not obvious from the first sight. If you like art, especially modern art, if you like to draw I advise you to read it.

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