Вероника Титова

Страна: Россия

Я большой любитель писать и читать литература. Чтение и сочинительство- это у меня постоянный ритуал, целая церемония. Участвую в творческих вечерах, конкурсах, публикуют в местных издательствах.

Country: Russia

Перевод сказки Вероники Титовой “Петькина тетрадка”

                       Petka’s notebook.

-Climb!- screamed One in Petka’s notebook.  

– What? Let me sleep!- sleepily muttered Deuce.

All the numbers with letters opened the eyes that were stuck together and sleepy and yawned and stretched. The smartest Fives did exercises.

Alphabet was preparing breakfast. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, they collected Petkin’s blots and mixed them putty. The dish was called “ Zamazoklyaksa”.  Therefore, the student in a notebook ( or a ham) everything was clean and smooth.

The numbers and letters,  screamed and jostled.

-I will complain to the authorities( that is, Petka himself)!

– We need to do homework correctly for Petka- the teacher’s Five instructed.

– What more!- One and Two rebelled together- Let the cast solve it’s problem , otherwise it will become an ignoramus.

– As you?- asked Three.

– I’ll rip your head off!- screamed the” intelligent” Deuce

-I’ll take a new one for myself!- sarcastically Three.

– I’ll make a bun from the opening now!—One wad indignant.

– Kids! Take it easy!-  the Fine objected.

-They will figure it out themselves – the old Four spoke- We have then, as always, the two of us would do this task together.

– Actually- the letter” A” in a white rode and cap- breakfast is ready.

The numbers dropped everything, leaving their endless arguments and brought down first letter of alphabet with legs.

She barked after them:

-Crazy! Herd!

However, this has always been the case. And it was the most ordinary day the life of Petkina’s notebook. This will always be so until the moment the notebook ends Petka throws it out. But even after that life will continue in the notebook, only letters with numbers will become homeless and will  do what they want. 

Now, after breakfast, the ordinary meeting of letters and numbers began- and they again decided to make tasks  for the boy-owner.

On the morning Petka looked into notebook and said:

-Well, one more five is provided!

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