Бахтыгуль Маханбетова

Страна: Казахстан

Бахтыгуль МАХАНБЕТОВА Международный литературный агент 2022 -2023 гг. Член экспертного совета Евразийской Творческой Гильдии (Великобритания) С 2016 г. член Евразийской Творческой Гильдии (Великобритания) С 1993 г. Переводчик (казахский, русский, английский языки) 2022 – 2023 гг. Координатор Анатолия Культур, Издательство ФЕРФИР& Журналы TEMRIN и ACEMI в Казахстане 2019-2022 гг. Координатор международных литературно-культурных проектов (Румыния, Франция, Англия, Индия) 2019г. Обладатель гранта «Культура в движении» Гёте-Института (Германия) 2020г. Спикер TEDxLambeth, г. (Великобритания) 2018 – 2019 гг. Консультант Фонда Женщин Ученых Казахстана 2017 – 2018 гг. Редактор и издатель казахстанских авторов в Великобритании 2006 – 2018 гг. Предприниматель и владелец двух бизнесов: Учебный центр «Жаңа Қазақстан» языковые курсы и образовательные проекты; ТОО «Bestsellerkz» Проекты продвижения литературы. 1987 – 2017 гг. Учитель английского языка 2007г. Автор пособия «Supplementary exercises for language learners of technical English» 1982 – 1987 гг. Выпускник Алматинского педагогического института иностранных языков – Казахский университет международных отношений и мировых языков им. Абылай хана

Country: Kazakhstan

Bakhtygul MAKHANBETOVA International literary agent 2022 -2023 Member of advisory board of Eurasian Creative Guild (UK) Since 2016 Member of Eurasian Creative Guild (UK) Since 1993 Translator (Kazakh, Russian, English) 2022 – 2023 Coordinator of Anatolia Kultur, FERFIR Publishing Houses& TEMRIN and ACEMI Magazines in Kazakhstan 2019- 2022 Coordinator of international literary- cultural projects (Romania, France, England, India) 2019 “Culture in motion” grant winner by Goethe –Institute (Germany) 2020 TEDxLambeth Speaker (UK) 2018 – 2019 Consultant of Women Scientists’ Fund of Kazakhstan 2017 – 2018 Editor & publisher of Kazakh authors in UK 2006 – 2018 Entrepreneur and Owner of two businesses: Study center “Zhanga Kazakhstan” language courses & education projects; LLP “Bestsellerkz” literature promotion projects 1987 – 2017 Teacher of English 2007 Author of a manual “Supplementary exercises for language learners of technical English” 1982 – 1987 Graduate of Almaty pedagogical institute of foreign languages- Abylai Khan Kazakh University of international relations and world languages

Отрывок из перевода произведения “Poems and sayings by Akhmet Baitursynuly”

“My dear, gentle mother who blesses her son!
I got a pen to write a letter to send you my love!
May Allah keep you there safe!
May Allah keep me here safe!
I wish I could see you
Alive and healthy with the wish of Allah!

Unable to go, I became a liar,
Your son kept in prison in Semei.
Not guilty of cattle theft or murder.
What is the solution to the violence of the power?

There is a saying, “Let there be hopeless only devil.”
There are many roads, lead to heavens.
Shot at thirteen that made me think hard,
There is cureless wound deep in my heart.

Being deceived by meals if I forget it
Everything becomes haraam I eat.
Born of man, without human action,
How without shame shall I be buried? ” –

Without saying too much, letting it in short words-
Stingy with words, your son has such a strict character!
Do not worry about me and do not feel nervous too much!
My son “may be falling into the water,
Falling into the fire, such a mother’s fear!

I am sitting in a prison cell, stuck in my thoughts
I am convinced that I will die without orders.
The heavily locked door; many security guards,
They never let anyone come except death.
Surrounded by a fence, a high mound,
Has strongly iron cage window on.
How can you not believe it, when you see it?
Even if the enemy wants to pick it up, it never gives up.

Did the Pen forget it in Lauhul-Mahfuz?
It does not write to me to see this place.
It is a time when you weigh the same as tumbleweed –
There is no choice; if the wind blows, you follow it.

Trampled down lots of coursers and racehorses,
Stuck with obstacles of the fate”, and who gets the end?
Mine, too, not honored than their soul and body
Why should I be then unduly depressed?

*** *** ***

“Well, the place where I was born on reeds,
Where the umbilical cord cut and the dirt washed.
On the golden day of my youth, that would not return
Ak suyek – (game “white bone”) at night,
Or altybakan (game “swing on six sticks”) during the day,
A place to play games and chase away flies.
In the dust grappling with a peer,
I clung to the gallows to teach.
Thick forest, insatiable black water is there,
The taste of sweet water never leaves my mouth,
If only I could play a game in the open field.
If fate is kept as human being not grown,
It is true that the human head is the ball of God.
How to vomit, so to admit,
Who knows, I will go too, further
Oh, homeland, leave you in my youth”.

*** *** ***
“Her name is Alexandra Ivanovna,
Thankful for God that presented her to me
If I reward an infidel to make a Muslim,
It is equal to the mullah’s faith, isn’t it?
“This is Alexandra Ivanovna,
I am thankful Almighty for meeting with her,
One unfaithful I turned to Islam,
It is equal to my feat of service of ten mullahs, isn’t it?”

*** *** ***
My God is for the blameless,
You aware of that: I am innocent.
Seeking for fair all my life
Keep my reputation safe.
The Koran verse and a hadith
For honest intentions, fair work,
If I am not mistaken surely,
There is no article on punishment.
Those who caught and imprisoned me
That made me furiously anxious,
However, they only known to have fun,
Find them and punish who are in joy!
Deceived for a few days pleasure,
Hired for a little earning,
Those who lost among Alash
Get on the right path them, truth! …
… Twelve Imam Awliyas,
Twenty-eight Ambias,
Bless us all ghosts’ souls!
Black wrestler Zhanibek!
Goose voiced Kazybek!
To your orphaned people,
To be left a person behind,
Who exactly is the peg? ” –

*** *** ***
“… As long as the white dress is wide, it will not wear out.
When two young people are equal, they can live in harmony
Whom shall I tell my secret besides you?
Since you are called my only best friend… ”

*** *** ***
“… I l find groundwater, Kazakh, similar to you,
No efforts to try, just hopeless stay
Everyone goes ahead to the finish way,
You do not move forward even one-step away …
… My Kazakh, keep it in your mind,
This friendly advice, which can surely suit.
It is not for fun to spread my words,
I only tell my sweetheart to help.
If you lie still without moving ahead,
You will be like ground water in the end.”

*** *** ***
“It’s our mosquito that is flying,”
It is yellow, and a long legged one.
Its natural color does not ever change,
However, it turns into a black or red one.
Flying around onto the asleep,
Beaten enough, until the wings broken,
Let sleepy awake, at least a little,
What if it whispers in his ears non- stop?”

*** *** ***
“Perfectly pure pearl
Lies at the bottom of water.
Perfectly pure word
Lies at the bottom of mind.
The thing at the bottom of water
Comes out when the wind blows.
The word at the bottom of mind
Comes out when a grief causes.
*** *** ***
“One of the inquisitive youth is you, my son,
You came from Karagai to taste it with your tongue.
Separated like tumbleweed tumbled by the wind,
The country and relatives you left behind.
What may have happened with a guy?
Do not be tired, be strong, it is nothing!
The hardship you forget as if you see it in the dream,
Eventually you will be released at least.
You are young; you will have a lot of fun,
Do not be sad to be unlucky today.
There is a saying, “A great party is attended by many”
I wonder if there is anyone survived.

Either an expert or a genius – everyone came,
There are a lot of youth and old in the meantime.
Here you get to know the fates of many people,
So you have already become a friend to everyone.

This is already a great gain for you,
What did the rest see left in the country?
Do not regret about past life staying here,
Go ahead; take a lesson from the paths rare.

Time comes, return safely to the land of the rising sun,
You will tell all the interesting things happened here
You become more respectful in front of a peer,
Most shake heads, shocked when they hug you there.

In the end, justice gets its top final,
Coming here to be useful overall,
If you see people in the motherland before us,
Say hello; give warm regards to all from us.

You say, on the island of the White Sea,
My exiled brothers are kept badly in prison,
Your happiness, what they long for, only praying,
Though staying still, under the care of a shepherd.

Going to bed late, getting up early and disappointed,
Gone too far away from you, heavy-hearted.
“Saryarka, the awesome land, enjoyed life happily,
Sooner or later thinking about it and missing greatly

The frosty White Sea day, staying foggy,
The brothers have to keep big patience daily.
Taking risks, not given other chances
Nothing left to say except, goodbye, dear! ”

*** *** ***

“Kazakh is a persecutor who seeks lost.”

“Knowing the debt is a matter of education, paying the debt is a matter of humanity.”

“”Watchwording the people is inhuman; offending the people is callousness; selling the people for food is bestiality.”

“National oppression cannot but create a national feeling.”

“The biggest problem of modern Kazakhs is the land issue. This is a question of whether the Kazakhs are alive or dead.”

“Famous people in Alash! Keep your leadership straight! If you go astray, Alash will go astray, and you will leave in the lurch of those who follow you.”

“Language is the most powerful factor in the preservation and loss of a nation. Those who lose their word will gradually disappear. Those who want to add other people to their nation will first try to diminish the language of those people.”

“I discovered the essence of the sacred language and created science. No one writes literature for pride, it is born of character; thus, it meets the needs of the nation… I wrote a work entitled “History of Culture” which I lectured at the Kazakh People’s Commissariat of Education, in Orynbor and Kyzylorda, emphasizing that science and technology are the driving forces behind the advancement of mankind.”
“We should be educated and strong to keep up with others. We need to study and learn in order to get knowledge.”

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