Батырхан Дженалаев

Страна: Казахстан

на сегодня мое увлечение и основная деятельность- поэзия и проза.

Country: Kazakhstan

today only writing poems and novels is my main activity

Friday poems (collection of poems)



The world is yours,

When you absorb what you’re searching for.

The world is yours,

When you had felt it long before.


The world is yours,

When trust in it is overwhelming.

The world is yours,

When God’s support to you is helping.


The world is yours,

When for yourself- you only boss.

The world is yours,

When love- the main for you on Earth.


The same as every thing is yours,

When you do wish it from the birth,

In dreams and dids born in the thoughts,

That real, true and you them cause.


The world is yours,

When frames of it, defined of course.

And this is possible, because,

Construction and design is yours.


It could be small, it could be great,

Could be a person, could be a place.

Could be whatever in your fate-

Your planet- in forever space.


Nobody can destroy this world,

Fenced by your passion, love across.

Do not betray it, keep the word,

Given to this world of yours.






Fall in love with your way,

Fall in love with your life.

Go ahead, do not stay,

Though might be you are tired.


Fall in love with your days,

Fall in love with your nights.

They are part of your way,

They are part of your life.


Deeply breath all the beauties,

What is wrong also take.

Everything is your duties,

All is done for your sake.


Don’t complain to whatever,

You can meet on the way.

Troubles are not forever,

Once they stop anyway.


Love and trust are the closest

Friends of yours on the way.

Tightly arm their shoulders,

Never push them away.


Hope is star, that gives light,

To your life, to your way.

For your dreams you must fight,

Fight is better delay.


Fall in love with your way,

Gifted you only once.

Thank the heavens and pray,

For this wonderful chance.






At the beginning was the word.

Trusting Bible, do we have a choice!?

Without doubts, this we got,

But what we love with it, is voice.


Voice is the music of the word,

With thousands beautiful elegies,

Voice brings the sounds to the world,

Voice makes the word unique.


It shadows each and every sense

Of words, pronounced, sung or whistled,

Words, after, could be soft or tensed,

Desired, hated, loved, but listened.


A mother waits her baby’s cry-

First voice of human being,

For whom all future she will try

To fill his life with happiness in living.


What are we dreaming to hear?

When our love is somewhere far away?

The voice of love, that sounds near,

And ready us again to wait.


Word was at the beginning.

How can we dispute with the Bible!

Word describes, explains all meanings,

But to the word, voice gives the life.





What is the life that we live?

It’s a walk or run “up” and “down”.

While moving “up” we believe,

That what we wish will be found.


Rolling “down” we are sad,

What to do? It happens sometimes,

Doesn’t mean that everything’s bad,

Impossible that all times is nice.


“Up” and “down” usual things.

“Up” is always desired, it feeds.

“Down” not always tragedy brings,

Might be, it for next “up” leads.


“Up” is a way to the goal,

Award is on the top.

“Down” is a trial for soul-

Signal for us not to stop.

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