Алиса Хэльстром

Страна : Эстония

Аспирант, журналист, писатель.

Публиковалась в литературных журналах России и Эстонии, за роман “Жизнь среди людей” стала лауреатом премии “Рукопись года”.

Country : Estonia

PhD student, journalist, writer.

Her books were published in literary magazines of Russia and Estonia. Her novel “Life among People” won an award “The Manuscript of the Year”.


The city is here:



And electricity.

Lights that can make you blind

Clubs that can make you happy

And drunk

It’s here

The city protects you.

From us.

But in the symphony of all the cars and engines, of wheels and wires

Of plants and factories, of talking and laughter, of rain, of ships arriving from

Far away lands.

Of city’s chaotic music

You always hear a quiet, almost soundless rhythm.

It never stops,

It never ends.

You murmur it when you don’t notice

Drumming this song your weirdly subtle fingers

On the glass,

On the wood,

On the tables’ surface.

It brings you to us.

Again and again.

You try to hide,

You try to be deaf.

You try to be high.

You try.

But our song is always with you.

It follows.

It brings you back

To the hills,

To the hollows.

And dolmens,

And shadowy shimmering lights,

To the four-leaf meadows of heather.

And clover.

Stop hiding.

Don’t you see?

It’s over.

The hills are all yours.

Just take.

They are waiting.

Just come and embrace,

Dance with us with all your grace.

Dance with us.

Dance and forget

All the cities you’ve seen

And you haven’t seen yet.

We are your people,

Not them,

Not them.

Not the cities’ women and men.

Return to us,

Return to the hills.

Maybe not now,

But one day

You will.

Alice and Bob

Alice and Bob are trying to talk to each other

Through the light years

Through galaxies

Through time and matter

They are talking without sending

Neither a single word

Nor a photon

Do they hear each other?

Do they see each other?

Do they know [about] each other? Who are they?

Is Alice a human being?

Does Bob live on the planet?

Or maybe they are only the tiniest

Parts of our


Who are they and how do they talk?

How do they see?

How do they hear?

How do they?


Do they?

Maybe they are an experiment

Of a scientist

Or a writer

Or maybe

It’s all upside down

And they are thinking about us:

You, me, all of us

And we exist now due to

Alice and Bob

And their experiments

How can we know for sure

If objective reality won’t collapse

How can we know if it’s not collapsing


Maybe it is

Collapsing already

And we

Are living the last nanosecond

While Alice and Bob are chatting

Without a word

Without a single photon

And when they hang up

Everything will disappear


You think, you’re immersing in water

But no, you are drowning.

You’re drowning

You’re drowning.

The water is here

It’s above, it’s below

The water surrounds you

Surrounds you

Surrounds you, my love

The ocean is kind, the ocean is yours

It comes to your lungs

To your mind

Like a blessing

Or curse

The ocean surrounds you

The ocean is here


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