Айгерим Бегалиева

Страна: США

Я родом из Алматы и сейчас живу в Маунтин-Вью, Калифорнии, чтобы плавать в океане и ходить в горы с моей собакой Лорой. Я верю в силу слов и историй и в то, как они могут влиять на жизни людей. Одно из моих любимых воспоминаний детства — это вечера в деревне, где у нас не было воды из-под крана и стабильного электричества, когда мой дедушка Шыгай ставил керосиновую лампу и читал нам книги, которые он перевел. Тогда я и влюбилась в волшебство историй, но мне потребовались годы, чтобы набраться смелости и начать создавать самой — фотографировать, рисовать, писать. Надеюсь, вы получите такое же удовольствие от этих книг, которое я получила, работая над ними.

Country: USA

I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and moved to Mountain View, California, to swim in the ocean and explore the outdoors with my Siberian Husky Lora. I believe in the power of words and stories and the way they can influence people’s lives. My favorite childhood memories are evenings in the village, where we didn’t have running water and stable electricity when my grandpa Shygai used to set up a kerosene lamp and read us books he translated. This is when I fell in love with the magic of stories but it took me years to work up the courage to start creating myself — taking photos, drawing, and writing. I hope you’ll enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Отрывок из серии книг “She wanted flowers, She was loud, She was tired”

Book 1: She wanted flowers


She wanted flowers

And felt so lucky

Cuz there’s special someone

Who could read her mind


That special person

Could get her flowers

And everything else

Her heart desires



The only person

Who can read her mind

Turns out — the biggest critic

In her life


She needs to ask

This special person

The biggest critic

Who can read her mind


“Please be patient enough to listen

Be kind enough to care

As I’m achieving everything

My mind can dare”



You wanna know

…who is this person

Who can read her mind?


The answer is easy –

She herself is the only person who can read her mind


Now, don’t forget

You are that person

The only person

Who can read your mind


And please be patient

Please be kind

As you go on

To live your life



Book 2: She was loud


She laughed from her belly

She was loud

Oh, yes

It didn’t please the crowds


They told her

Be a good girl

Stay in your corner

Just be quiet


But then came her best friend

And took her hand

And told her:

It is okay to be loud


Oh, you wanna know

…who is her supportive friend?

The answer is easy –

She is her own best friend


Now, don’t forget

Your bestest friend is you

Give yourself a big warm hug

And live a life that pleases you


Please claim your space

Please dare, be loud

Be yourself and don’t hold back

That is the way to make you proud



Book 3: She was tired


One day, she was so tired

And didn’t feel her best

All she needed

Was some sleep and rest


Another day, she was so tired

Felt pretty sad and uninspired

She needed air and some space

To find her sunny happy place


There was a day when she was tired

The world seemed gloomy and unkind

A friend’s warm hug and gentle words

Were only things to give her hope


One day she felt so lost, so tired

Felt mad and sad, and fought, and cried

And couldn’t recognize herself

No matter how hard she tried


She braced herself and asked for aid

And over time let sadness fade

Made time for play, and joy, and zen

Felt like herself, enjoyed her life again


Please lay down your arms and swords

They don’t always open the right doors

Don’t be afraid, ask for support

Rely on friends to win these wars


Being tired is okay

Just promise me one thing

Learn to recognize

What kind of rest you need  


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