Stephanie Sanchez

Страна: Сингапур

Country: Singapore

I work with children, paint and write poems. My poems are mostly about love and anxiety. I love expressing my thoughts and hope to reach out to people who relate and for them to know it’s alright to struggle sometimes however we are always strong enough to overcome.

From the collection of poems “Love and Anxiety”

Better Days Ahead 
My heart beats rapidly
To the Rhythm of uncertainty 
My heart beats hauntingly slow 
To the rhythm of letting go
Chest pains that hit like a wave 
When there is nothing to save
Someday it will go away 
But I know it just not today
-Stephanie Sanchez
Chasing the wind
I was chasing the wind
What it felt like on my skin 
Left me awestruck with a silly grin
But it was never mine to keep 
For I swore it was meant for me
I had fooled myself undoubtedly 
& so that hope diminished gradually 
Maybe someday when I least expect 
I would feel a breeze drift by 
This time I would know better 
To embrace it yet say goodbye 
-Stephanie Sanchez
Take me back
Take me back to a time quickly 
Where I could still live a life obliviously 
For those who open their minds to see
What people have become; lunacy
The crudity of cold inhumanity 
There more I open my eyes soberly
Hope of solace; far from possibility 
Could we ever salvage what’s left of our morality?
-Stephanie Sanchez
The disease of unease
Slowly unearthing my senses malfunctioning 
As I try my hardest to reason with myself
Heart rate racing & tanks are burning 
As I shut down habitually into stealth 
All was well hell I simply cannot tell
Why I’m standing on the edge 
Starting a war in my head 
How do I escape this invisible cage
How do I tell my brain to disengage 
We’ve lost cabin pressure 
Fear I cannot even measure
-Stephanie Sanchez
Strength that lies within
The amazing thing about growing
Is the unexpected strength 
You overcame the struggling 
Faster than you sank 
How much quicker it takes
To get up off your feet
Dust yourself off
See that all you’ve accomplished 
Is still staring right at you

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