Olga Blaze

Страна: Россия

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Ольга. Я увлечена всем, что связано с языками, литературой, поэзией. Я впервые участвую в конкурсе, где перевожу с русского на английский, а не наоборот. Надеюсь, что первый блин не комом:) Я получила удовольствие от процесса перевода (спасибо автору Элле Жежелле), а также уверена, что и чтение работ других участников будет приятным.

Country: Russia

Hello! My name is Olga. I’m into everything related to languages, literature, and poetry. It’s the first time when I participate in a contest with a translation from Russian into English. Hope I’m not that bad and things will work out well:) I enjoyed the process of translating (my thanks to author Ella Zhezhella) and I am sure I will enjoy reading other participants’ stories and poems as well.

Перевод рассказа “По имени Одеяло”

A Dolphin Called Blanket

An excerpt


Soaked and filthy all over, she entered the smoky flat, hugging a toy dolphin which she had named Blanket, and hoping the adults would be shocked to see her look that way and would immediately cuddle her. Her mum would say how much she loved her and kiss her wet face.

But Inna went unnoticed. Mother and her guests kept drinking spirits and complaining about the difficulties of life.

“Here I am!” Inna shouted. “I’m starving.”

There was no response.

“Drunkards!” She hammered on the door angrily.

The girl suffered from frequent bouts of rage, which made the other children afraid of her and their parents keep them away from her. The teachers were always lecturing Inna on how to behave. They feared that unless she learned to be kinder she would be doomed to a life of loneliness.   

Nobody bothered to think that it was next to impossible to stay kind and nice when you didn’t want to go home. You didn’t know what to expect – just your boozed-up mother’s yammering or the total mess where somebody looking like a vagrant was lying next to the battery of bottles, dead asleep, with saliva flowing out of his mouth.

The only creature she felt she loved was her toy dolphin Blanket. It had been given to her in her early childhood. Every time when vague reminiscences of those years came to her mind she was imbued with an aching tenderness. Inna would put the huge dolphin on her chest and fall asleep. “It’s like a blanket on you,” her mother once said. Little Inna used to think that dolphins were called blankets. Later on, she understood her mistake, but the nickname stuck to the toy.  It was a piece of the world she never knew but was dreaming of – a cozy world where your loved ones hugged you, and the smell of cinnamon coffee wafted through your house.

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