Maryna Tchianova

Страна : Украина

Пишу на нескольких языках, ведь не могу иначе. Для меня большая честь быть включённой в мировой литературный процесс – создавать, редактировать, комментировать тексты, знакомиться с биографиями авторов-классиков и современников. На данный момент одним из лучших поэтов в мире считаю Данте Алигьери, ведь в его творчестве можно ощутить космическую гармонию, тонкий психологизм, веру в идеалы человечества. Не представляю своей жизни без прозы латиноамериканского магического реализма, некоторых избранных работ поэтов европейского Просвещения, а также лаконичной японской поэзии.

Country : Ukraine

I am a professional journalist and ESL teacher who writes poetry in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Italian.

Отрывок из философской лирики “Lonely lanterns

Lonely lanterns

Lonely lanterns
Touch the satin of water.
They touch you,
You don’t touch me.

Touches are becoming rare.
People wear masks.
Numbers in black,
And no medicine.

Numbers in red and black,
Red tape,
A clockdown.

Minutes fall from the sky
Like a shower,
People like us hide
In towers
For hours.


Oh moon with crescent not so high

Oh moon with crescent not so high,
reflected by deserted waves,
oh silver crescent, what a string of dreams
you carry in a field of your amazing light!

A breath of tender leaves,
and sighs of flowers in the meadows,
and sleeping sea… – not a song, nor a scream,
nor a sound a silent space will hear.

A tired gourmand and a lover,
the folk eternal lays to sleep…
oh silver crescent, what a string of dreams
you carry in a field of your amazing light!

Giving me a chance


The way you understand me
In a whirlpool of emotions,
On a highway of intentions,

The way you depict me
As a complete mistake,
Yet giving me a chance

To live, not exist.

The way you show me
That happiness has no limits,
That my mind is not always fit for philosophy
But I should keep training it.

The way you reecnrypt our mysteries,
Our childish secrets

And throw them into the water

And pick them up in the air.

The way you inspire me

To get closer to perfection,
To memorize buildings,
Memorize buildings

Of our eternal souls.


It is something worth being seen
In your dagger-like eyes,
In the world of shattered clocks.

It is something worth being felt
In your touch
Which is a bridge between worlds.

It is something worth being built
With a stick, a hammer, a shovel,
Worth being decorated
With flowers and waves,
Sound and silence.

When you learn to see love under cover of coldness,
We will get there and close the only door.

The elves will stay close,
The knights will shine a light
On our world.

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