Maryna Tchianova

Страна : Украина

Пишу на нескольких языках, ведь не могу иначе. Для меня большая честь быть включённой в мировой литературный процесс – создавать, редактировать, комментировать тексты, знакомиться с биографиями авторов-классиков и современников. На данный момент одним из лучших поэтов в мире считаю Данте Алигьери, ведь в его творчестве можно ощутить космическую гармонию, тонкий психологизм, веру в идеалы человечества. Не представляю своей жизни без прозы латиноамериканского магического реализма, некоторых избранных работ поэтов европейского Просвещения, а также лаконичной японской поэзии.

Country : Ukraine

I am a professional journalist and ESL teacher who writes poetry in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Italian.

Рецензия на книгу Гарета Стампа “Козлик, который хотел путешествовать”

Gareth Stamp has written a sunny, joyous, encouraging book for children. The plot is very simple – it has to do with an inquisitive goat that likes to travel. The goat has never seen anything but its street, so it’s amazed by the beauty of the city. The author shows that most people are friendly towards goats – but for the butcher. The goat is afraid of the butcher, so it runs though the street and suddenly finds itself in a riksha car going around the town. The animal is excited and it wants to see more. Someone puts the goat out of the car, ties its legs until next morning – and next morning the animal is ready to travel again. The style is very simple, suitable for children with English as a second language. The illustrations made by the author add to the charm of the book. You get attached to the characters quite easily, and they inspire you by their openness and naturality of the personality. The moment with deifferent shop is rather entertaining – you see how goats in India live and how people accept and help them. I also liked the part of the story when a goat envies a swallow that has just come back from its annual journey. The swallow is cute and it tells a detailed story about its journey around the globe, which makes the goat dream of travelling again. The palace that the goat sees at the end of its first trip is exciting and beautiful. I think the author has done his best to attract children by this charming story, and it is easy to read. It’s also orginal but contains a universal plot for most stories in the Indoeuropean literature – the travel of a hero. So you can notice the education of the author behind the simplicity of this fairytale.
I recommend this book to each family in which there are little children and parents who care about their development.

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