Страна: Узбекистан

Меня зовут Шахноза. Замужем.Мать двоих детей.Год рaботала преподавателем английского языка в ДОУ.В данный момент не работаю.Родной язык узбекский.Владею английским,русским и таджикскими языками.Люблю читать русскую и узбекскую литературу.Пишу стихи,рассказы и занимаюсь переводом.Мои стихи были печатаны в газетах как “Дустлик байроги”,”Ешлар нигохи”,”Бекажон”.Вложу своих стихов в социальный сеть Роеtry Soup.Хобби: поэзия ,литература и собирать разные статуэтки.

Country: Uzbekistan

My name is Shakhnoza. I am married and I have two sons.A year I worked at kindergarden as English teacher.My mothertongue is Uzbek.I know English,russian and tadjik languages.My hobbies are collecting different statues аnd writing poems.I write poems,stories and sometimes be engage with translating.Мy poems were published in local magazines as: “Dustlik bayrogi”,”Yoshlar nigohi”and”Bekajon”.It is also published on internet chanel of Poetry Soup.

Отрывок из сказки “The Kingdom of Shutranj”


               It happened in the Shatranj[1] Valley in ancient India. The valley, formed two thousand years ago, was down under the long-lasting ruthless battle between the White Kingdom and the Black one. Thirty-two of the sixty-four households in the valley belonged to the White Kingdom, while other thirty-two of them was under the Black Kingdom’s reign. Both kingdoms had same number in the army and same ranks; even organization of their kingdoms were identical. Only difference between them was they loved completely different colors.
       The Black King had his castle dyed black while the White King had a white castle built. He wanted all the furniture in it to be white and white: curtains, shelves, a kitchen, a bathroom, even a spout of the tea-pot. When the Black King enhanced beauty of his castle with black curtains, black columns, black pools and even black verandahs, the White King had the stairs dyed white every year. He even ordered to dye red flowers white.
To outdistance them, the Blacks were lavish in black cats’ praise in the palace. If a white kitten was born, the King immediately ordered to dye it black. The flags of those two kingdoms were in their favorite color: a black flag fluttered in the Black Kingdom, and a white one in the White Kingdom. Such hot-tempered people the kingdoms had.
        The Black Kingdom hated parties too much. They even didn’t know what birthday parties were alike. The people in that kingdom had a plain and dreary life, because the Black King had signed a paper about not having any parties and celebrations. On top of that, the King imposed a high tax on them.

     “We labor so much to pay so high taxes; we have neither fun nor birthday parties. We cannot have weekends, celebrations. What a punishment it is!” Tired and bored people complained. But they had such talks in whisper so that the king could not hear.
        Feruzah[2], the King’s daughter was too bored in particular. She was the future queen as the King’s wife was her mother.

“Father, you never allow us to have celebrations. I have never celebrated my birthday.” She poured out her feelings to her father.

“We needn’t any celebrations. Labor leads us to bliss. You should look after your black kittens instead.” The Black King said.

        The Black King insisted on his decision. Day by day dreariness of Feruzah grew more and more in her room with black walls. One day she determined to run away from the kingdom. She didn’t postpone it – with a black cloak on her she ran away far on a black steed. Who could spot her in the darkness? She managed to run away.
        A pleasant breeze of freedom touched her bosom; she could smell spring flowers and blossoms. Most of all the green hills, crimson mountainsides, crystal waterfalls, colorful flowers and the azure sky made her happy. She jumped for joy, delighted in the bosom of colorful nature. Her soul was free and at ease. But all of a sudden she noticed someone following all her movements. Feruzah immediately put her cloak on.

“Who are you? Why are you spying?” She said in a loud voice.

        “Let me introduce myself.” A strange warrior with fair complexion replied, making his tiny iron headwear straight. “I am a simple pawn of the White Kingdom, a center forward of Section B, a warrior without a mount and a pawn of B4.”

        Feruzah took her hood off and observed him thoroughly. At last she became sure that the young man wouldn’t harm her. Then they became friends. The pawn showed her seven colors of the rainbow. She was so amazed to see the rainbow as she had never seen it before. In the garden they watched butterflies – another new thing for her. They picked fruits from the trees. They spent their time amazingly.Meanwhile, the malicious Black King was busy at searching for her daughter.

“Would you like to visit our lands?” The pawn asked Feruzah.
Feruzah refused. “You don’t know my father. He is strict. If I go to the White Kingdom with you, he never forgives me. Well, I have to go back now.”

        Before she had stopped speaking, a Black Knight appeared out of nowhere. It was clear as day that he had been sent by the Black King.

“Uh-huh! Our princess had been kidnapped! It is you, bastard!”

        The knight beat the pawn black and blue. He took Feruzah to the Black kingdom in spite of her attempts to explain. The Knight sultan was a head of the cavalry. He had a high power in the kingdom. Each of them moved forming the shape of L and they struck enemies a blow all in one go. With his glossy and shiny black body, pompous Black Knight looked much more stately in the sunlight.
        The Black Knight took Feruzah away against her will. Our pawn couldn’t do anything. How to compare a Knight sultan with a pawn? They weren’t equal in power. Though the pawn had to return home, couldn’t get his new friend off his mind. He had just met a friend in common. The pawn had been going to show her what a real celebration was like. He had wanted to have a party for her birthday. At home his granny saw him in a bad mood and asked him what had happened. The pawn let her find out all.

“My son, we are of a pawn family – a family of warriors without a mount. We can’t be on a level with Knight sultan. We had better know our place.”

“Granny, we live only once. Each of us has dreams. We all set great goals in life. Let me struggle to save my friend.” He begged his granny.

“Actually, there is a way out of it. But for that you have to start on a big and severe journey, my son.

[1] (Persian) is an old form of chess. As played in Sasanian Empire. Its origins are in the India game of chaturanga.

[2] Asian name of girls

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