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Страна : Россия

Меня зовут Люда, я пока что все еще учусь в школе. Я любила читать с детства: росла на стихотворениях Барто и сказках Пушкина. Около 5 лет назад впервые попробовала написать что-то сама, с тех пор иногда пишу стихотворения, а иногда что-то в прозе. Языки даются мне не очень сложно, поэтому думаю о профессии переводчика, чтобы совмещать приятное с полезным. Этот конкурс – отличная возможность попробовать себя, поэтому, независимо от результата, мне очень интересно участвовать в нем.

Country : Russia

My name is Lucy, I study at school and I am planning to be a translator. I’ve always loved books, reading helps me to understand a lot of things and learn from them, also it shows me how many different points of view can exist at the same time. And I really enjoy learning new languages and cultures, it does not seem too difficult, so I’ve decided to mix both of my hobbies and chose my future profession. This competition is a great opportunity to test my abilities, so no matter what the result wil be, I am exited to take part in it.

Отрывок из сборника стихотворений “Forget-me-not”

If this was the last day of our lives, 

What would you say in the end of it? 

Would you go with your prettiest lies 

Or the bittersweet truth which could hurt a bit? 

If this was our last farewell, 

Would you let me go or let me stay? 

Would you watch our ship sailing away

Or you’d run hoping we’ll be in time there?

If this was the Earth’s last hour,

How would you spend it and why?

Would you choose «never» or «now»?

Where would you tell me goodbye?

If this was my last letter to you,

Would you read it or set it on fire? 

Would you write me back like you used to

Or just leave without any reply?

There is no such thing as the end 

Although nothing ever lasts. 

And even if we’re gone by then, 

We sure will raise our last glass.

But there is something you should know, 

Something I promised not to say

Because we have already grown, 

And I suppose it’s clear as day. 

This is actually my last letter to you

Yet it’s not even close to the world’s end.

I am here just to sign our truce 

And to dot the i’s, my dear friend. 

Things get difficult but it’s okay,

Life can give you an antidote,

You just have to be able to wait.

Oh, and please, forget me not.

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