Lenar Shayeh

Страна : Россия

Ленар Шаех (1982) – поэт, детский писатель, переводчик, публицист. Автор более двадцати книг, изданных на татарском, русском, английском, башкирском и киргизском языках в Казани, Москве, Якутске, Лондоне, Уфе и Бишкеке. Кандидат филологических наук. Лауреат Республиканской премии имени Мусы Джалиля, литературной премии имени Абдуллы Алиша (за достижения в детской литературе), Евразийской международной премии. Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Татарстан. Главный редактор Татарского книжного издательства. Член Союза писателей Татарстана, Татарского ПЕН-центра Международного ПЕН-клуба, Союза писателей России, Евразийской Творческой Гильдии (Лондон). Живет в городе Казани Республики Татарстан.

Country : Russia

Lenar Shayeh (Lenar Shaekhov), a Tatar poet, children’s writer, translator, publicist. Born on 4 October 1982 in the village of Taktalachuk of the Aktanyshsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). Graduated from the Menzelinsk Pedagogical College, Department of Tatar Philology and History of Kazan State University, Post Graduate Programme. Chief Editor of the Tatarstan Book House. Author of twenty four books. Member of Union of Writers of the Republic of Tatarstan and Tatar PEN-Center and PEN International, Union of Journalists of Tatarstan and Russia, as well as of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), and Eurasian Creative Guild (London). Winner of the Musa Jalil Republic’s Award, Abdulla Alish Literary Award (for achievements in children’s literature), the Volga Region Literary Award “NEWBOOK. Volga-2015”, Eurasian International Award. Academician of International Public Academy of Poetry of Omor Sultanov of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Candidate of Philological Sciences. Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Отрывок из рассказа “ONE SONG WILL BE ENOUGH



Yesterday I heard: someone was singing…



Half past eleven p.m. A student hostel is preparing for sleep. It’s only me and my friend who are not willing to go to bed; we sat down to make an abstract of the assignment. The small ventilation window was open.


Suddenly, someone began blowing the bellows of an accordion. I shivered with surprise… And then the melody of the well-known song “Kubalyaghem” (“Oh, My Butterfly”) began flowing! Something has happened to my soul. The accordion player, a young lad, began singing in a crisp voice:


What id a butterfly would land onto a flower,

Would it sway?..


The native, Tatar song, the folk melody has begun. It was so strange to hear it, since my soul has already got accustomed to the fact that people in cities are indifferent to our songs. Indeed, who would have thought that here, where Russian speech was heard more frequently, someone would be singing a Tatar song in the middle of the night to the accompaniment of an accordion?! One cannot meet such things today even in the Tatar villages…


…At the foot of the hill, at the foot of the hill

There is a round, frozen spring-well…


Great!.. So good!.. The heart got filled with happiness and sadness, with the light and warmth of the familiar melody… Involuntary tears were welling in my eyes.


…The moths are plenty in the world,

But brave ones can hardly to be found…


I wanted to run out to see who was singing. Because it was our, native, Tatar song!.. I imagined a village, its half-empty streets that have not heard an accordion for a long time… Heigh ho! It’s such a pity that I cannot play an accordion, for I would have shown them all! And our sleepy village that lost its former spiritual force would awake at once!


…I came to the window… The song subsided…


And then, suddenly, a young, ringing, innocent girl’s voice shouted to the whole world:


– I love you!


What is it?.. The return of the past?.. A mess of times and centuries?.. Or the excitement, the feelings, hidden deep down inside, that suddenly broke out?..


Oh, yes, such things do happen. The feelings wake up sometimes and touch the dusty strings of soul to bring it back to life. It proved that one Tatar song was enough for that. Oh!..


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