Dina Oraz

Страна: Казахстан

Дина Ораз (Динара Оразбекова) – поэт, писатель, член фонда «Перо», Евразийской творческой гильдии, Литературного клуба «Истоки», литературного клуба «BOOKPArnas», клуба любителей гитары г. Астана «Приходи в воскресенье», художник, историк, блогер, ведущий, спикер, фотограф любитель. Автор детских книг «Кто же лечит зубы львам?», «Где живет единорожка?». Автор стихотворения “Взять и бросить – дело простое…” в книге Мурата Кабылбаева “Покажи мне небо” Дневники отца, 2015 г.

Country : Kazakstan


Today Aina wakes up in a good mood. Yesterday she turned 12 and her parents presented her with new notebook and smartphone. She needed to share this pleasant news with her friends – Juma and Tamilla.

It will be such a surprise to them! – Aina thought.

But it was no notebook or smartphone girl’s dream. Her dream was to spend more time with her parents. But they had no time left for her! Her father, Amir – is well-known businessman, CEO of large size computer and equipment trading company, spend most of his time in repeated business trips, and her mother Asel – poplar software specialist was busy with her new projects till late night every day. That is why her parents presented Aina notebook and smartphone, so she wouldn’t bother them with study questions. For their friends explanations sounded like: «Now Aina will get with the times and always be in touch». Since then every day started early morning from physical exercises, wash up, dress up and go to school. After school she went home and after dinner her eyes were glued to notebook till the late evening. Her parents thought her daughter does her homework like the hard working girls of her age should. But Aina was lost in social network looking glass by other reasons. She played games, watched films and cartoons, joined classmates and virtual friends social groups. As a result Aina was behind with studies. She played smartphone during classes and after classes, discussed news with her friends in social networks. Teachers made order marks in her school diary for her parents. But Aina never let them see it, and they were so busy that never asked for it. A couple of times Aina nearly was run over by a car because of her smartphone, but she was off cheaply. She even got under eyes circles and she literally slept during her classes. By and by Aina began to allow herself missing school. Teacher informed about the situation form mistress Mira Sabirovna. She kept Aina after school to speak to her. « What’s wrong with you, Aina, why you neglect schoolwork? I need to speak to your parents about your behavior and school truancy. Inform them about my invitation at dinner-time to school, please! »

– No need to do that, I will improve my schoolwork, I will never do like again, I promise!

– No! I want to see your parents just for once, get acquainted with them since they never attended school assembly, – Mira Sabirovna followed.

– My father will not be, he is in business trip – answered Aina to her teacher.

– Then your mother will come, – told Mira Sabirovna to her student.

– Very sell, she will be, I will tell her, – assured Aina her teacher.

But when Aina returned home from school she didn’t tell her mother about the invitation to school. Next morning she pretended she was ill. Mother believed and told Aina to stay home. Aina was very glad. When mother went to work, Aina called Mira Sabirovna and told she will not attend classes because of illness, but her mother will go to school. Then she turned on notebook and started to play new game.

That day her classmate Zhumash visited her after classes.

– Hello, Aina! I came to visit you, I heard you are ill. I brought to you honey, jam and sugar cubes. I wish you get well soon! – told Zhumash to his classmate.

– Thanks, Zhuma! I understand honey and jam, but why sugar cubes? – asked Aina her friend.

As my granny says «When you are ill, life seems no sugar at all». So I took sugar cubes so your life will be with sugar, – answered Zhumash to Aina.

– I get it, but I don’t need sugar, keep it to yourself, OK. Honey and jam you can put on the table at the kitchen, – told Aina to her friend.

Zhumash put honey and jam pots from his bag to the table and kept sugar cubes inside. It will be useful later, he thought drawing his bag on his shoulders.

-You know, Zhum, I just pretend to be ill, so my mother wouldn’t know about my school truancy, – told Aina to her friend.

-Don’t you fear your parents will know about your lies and school truancy? – asked her Zhumash.

-I have nothing to fear because they don’t care! Let’s go play new game my mother invented, I think it will be interesting. Today she hurried to work as always and forgot her flash card on the table, – told Aina to Zhumash.

-OK, Let’s, go! Doesn’t your mother be angry about that? – asked Zhumash.

-No, she is spiffing person, – answered Aina. The children sat down at the notebook.

-Wow it’s so powerful! – said Zhumash.

-The latest production model! – answered Aina.

-Cool! While my computer is nearly prehistoric, – continued Zhumash.

-Don’t be upset! This notebook will turn prehistoric some day and you will have possibility to obtain it, you will see, – told Aina.

-I hope you are right! Ok, turn on your notebook and put in flashcard, – told Zhumash to Aina. Aina pit flashcard in notebook.

-It is loading, – said Aina. Wait a bit! – was written on notebook screen.

-Waiting! – said Zhumash. Game loaded and a beautiful picture appeared at the screen.

-Look, Zhuma, he looks like Burabai1 – «Pearl of Kazakhstan» – told Aina.

-And who are these ones? – asked her Zhumas.

-Must be batyrs, – answered Aina.

-Look, this one has shield shining like a mirror, – told Zhumash to Aina. When children looked at the shield they saw their own reflection in it. They didn’t understand that some sort of program failure occurred. And some unknown forces drag them inside notebook screen.

-What is that? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! – cried children together. That’s how the children found themselves through the looking glass of the program world, right near some lake.

-Where are we? – asked Zhumash to Aina.

-I don’t know, – answered Aina to him.

-How we get here? How we are going to get back? – asked puzzled Zhumas to Aina.

-We will deal with it, don’t be so concerned! – told Aina.

-Yeah, right! – said Zhumash.

-Look, I think this is Zheke-batyr2, – said Aina to Zhumash.

-Who is this Zheke-batyr? – asked Zhumash to Aina.

-Zheke-batyr is one of the mountains in Burabai, it looks like a sleeping batyr. I think I know where we are. We got inside my mother’s game! – answered Aina to her friend.

-So what we will do next? – asked her Zhumash.

-We need to think! There must be a way out! I was in Burabai with my parents while ago, and heard a lot of legends from the guide. It was a good time! – answered Aina to Zhumash with a note of melancholy.

-What’s up with you, Aina? Are you all right? – asked her Zhumash.

-Yes, yes I’m fine, never mind! – Answered Aina to Zhumash hiding her sadness in a smile.

-OK, I just started to worry about you! – said Zhumash noticing her sadness he switched the conversation to prevent Aina from being sad.

-Look, Aina the lake rolls! Someone is walking out from the water, – said Zhumash to her.

-Looks like these are «the magic horses – Tulpars3» – told Aina to her friend.

-How do they get here, they are gone long ago! – said Zhumash to Aina.

-You must forget we are in a virtual time, in my mother’s game! Everything is possible here, – said Aina to her friend.

-I’d like to have ride! – told her Zhumash.

-Why not? – said Aina to her friend.

-You know how to ride horses? – asked her Zhumash.

-Of course I do! I go to my granny in aul on summer. Serik-aga keeps horses there. He taught me how to hold in a saddle. Let’s try to saddle up tulpars, – said Aina.

-How we will catch them? – asked her Zhumash.

-You still have a bag. And you’ve put sugar cubes in it. Give it to the, all horses like sugar, they must like it too. I think if you will give them a treat they will come to us, – told Aina to Zhumash.

-Wait a bit, I will get sugar cubes, – told Zhumash removing bag from his shoulders.

-Wait, don’t hurry! Look, what are they doing? – said Aina to him.

Tulpars came to Zheke-batyr mountain and started to stamp root of the mountain. The mountain moved and broke, stones run from it. Then the batyr came from the crevice to the light.

-It seems Zheke-batyr awakened, – said Aina.

-Is he really awake? – said Zhumash.

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