Anastasia Demidova

Страна : Франция

Демидова (Голоудина) Анастасия Равильевна

Кандидат биологических наук. В 2001 году закончила Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет по специальности Молекулярная и клеточная биология (Кафедра Цитологии и Гистологии). После года работы в Национальном Институте Здоровья США защитила кандидатскую диссертацию по клеточной биологии. Работала в научных центрах Сингапура и Франции, опубликовала 18 статей и научных обзоров по химио- и иммунотерапии рака. Делаю научные презентации для детей в ежегодном семейном детском лагере в городе Хамельн (Германия).

Country :France

I have a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology. I also wanted to be a doctor or a writer. Now science know so much about our organism, that it would be sad to be sick just because we are not aware about facts about our own health. I also like an idea that our body is very well made, and we can often find ways to be healthy without taking any medications. That is why I decided to write about recent findings – it turned out that physical exercises improve our mental health, memory and even can prevent Alzheimer disease.

Отрывок из рассказа “Think and Run!”

To be happy, neurons should have the ability to grow freely and branch out in all directions. If they do so, they can meet each other and form a neural connection. The more connections we have – the easier our thoughts can reach other parts of the brain. Lots of neuronal connections make a neuronal network – an incredibly useful structure! Here is how it all works: A baby is walking down the street and sees a cat. “It’s a cat, sweetheart” – their father says. At this moment, the optic neurons that see a cat and the auditory neurons that hear the word “cat” are activated at the same time – a new neuronal connection is formed! Thanks to it, the baby has just learned a new word. 

«We’ve caught you!» 

Millions of neuron bounds make a neuron network! More connection we have – the easier our thoughts can reach other part of the brain. 

Just like in a subway, if we have a well-developed network and lots of connections, we can get to the other parts of the city much quicker. However, if some stations need repairs and are out of service, our journey will take much longer… 

People once thought that only children could grow new brain cells and learn quickly. As to adults, it was believed that if damaged neurons were lost after stress or illness, they were lost forever. Everyone thought “We can treat a scratch with iodine or hydrogen peroxide, but how can we treat damaged neurons deep inside our heads?”. 

Don’t cry, little mouse! This is not how it really is! Indeed, we lose our neurons during our life, but we can always get new ones. 

– But from where? 

– They are not for sale! 



“Farewell, my long tailed friend…” 

Here is how it happens: 

Every organ of our body has stem cells. They are still somewhat of a mystery. 

The division of a stem cell is like a magic apple being sliced in half with a magic knife. One half turns into a new magic apple and the other turns into a different fruit – let’s say an orange or a banana. The wizard (our organism) keeps the magic apples in a reserve (for later use to make more fruit) and uses the other fruits for daily needs. Wizards need to eat too, you know! 

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