Akylbek Djumanaliev

Страна : Кыргызстан

Автор нескольких монографий, научно-популярных статей, также перевожу стихи Японских поэтов с русского языка на кыргызский язык.

Country :  Kyrgyzstan

Akylbek Djumanaliev Chief Researcher of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage at Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic Doctor of Historical Sciences Professor and Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic. Author of several monographs, scientific, popular science articles. I am also engaged in literary creative essays, translation of the poetry of Japanese poets from Russian into Kyrgyz.

Отрывок из публицистики  “Time – Event – Individual.Kyrgyzstan in the 20th century  


It is very well-known that the complicated process of the historical tendency and its content are made entirely by Time, Event, People and an Individual. The 20th century is approaching to the end, the mankind is at the 21st century’s door. The whole century is passing away. Historians, Public figures and Politicians pay their attention to this passing century and the achievements, shortages in the historical content of this century are worth of notice. The researchers of the 20th century studied various sides of events, stages and the historical individuals of that period. Nowadays it is time to appreciate, give evaluation and bring to conclusion.

   To my mind, one of these research works is “Kyrgyzstan in the 20th century”. The essence of this research is Kyrgyzstan’s political history in the 20th century, the evaluation of the influence of those events, time and historical individuals on the Kyrgyz society. If we study that historical period from the point of Public figures, politicians, historians of the 20th century and the events happened during those periods they are considered to be the most complicated in comparison with previous centuries. We think the Kyrgyz society has the same point of view. In our opinion Kyrgyzstan’s history in the 20th century has 3 important periods which determined the tendency of its historical growth and also created the content of a hundred year duration of the country. 

The historical event of the first period is the 1916 year rising (Urkun) of the Kyrgyz people. In further we will speak about the significance of that rising and what results that rising yielded.

   The historical event of the second period is the 1917 year Russian October revolution, otherwise it was called the Soviet Socialist Revolution for a long time. The third historical event is the 1990 year of getting the independence of Kyrgyzstan. Honestly speaking we cannot give this or that historical period one-sided evaluation.

   The Soviet official ideology, the Soviet public researchers considered the 1917 year Russian military rising (Socialist Revolution) to be the most important historical period, as for the foreign researchers, scientists they evaluated that historical event, the October revolution had the worst influence on the growth of the whole mankind all over the world. That was odious. 

   Under the influence of the Soviet ideology the Kyrgyz researchers glorified the 1917 year October Revolution. But during the latest ten years the above mentioned glorifying opinion left only in the mentality of the short-sighted people. Nowadays the historians, public researchers, politicians break away from that traditional established point of view on October revolution, they are getting away from those strong views on it. Maybe that is right, but we want to say that any historical growth process have alternative multifaceted meaning because the history of a country may be changed and influenced to some extent by a historic event or some individual. Therefore any historic event whether a society likes it or not has a certain importance, meaning and its place in the historical period of the country. As a regularity such events make their own contributions, make history get more rich, and become the part of the historic treausure. We again remind: This or that historic event seems to have the same content and meaning in general, but otherwise the inner contents of these events differ from each other or they are even many-sided and can be two-faced. As soon as they become the part of the history, the main essence of their contents come out, the sense of such historic events become significant, versatile (many-sided) and fascinating. 

   As we mentioned above the October revolution belongs to such events. These events influence on the mankind’s society, certain regions. For example, the 17th century Bourgeois revolution of England opened the door to the capitalist industrial development, nevertheless that revolution was a good influence on the whole mankind’s society. Those changes in the historical process resulted in colonization of many countries and were one of the reasons for strengthening enslavement of colonial countries. So we must consider any revolution or other historic event to be many-sided and significant. It is natural that common evolution of any historic event is the main root that brings growth to the society in various spheres: great changes in scientific and engineering progress, inner world, moral behaviour, in short the reformation in the whole society is inescapable. If we do not let any renewal, resumption come into our society then evolution process in life of the mankind suffers and it leads to degredation in the opposite direction. We mean in what way and form new changes (renewal, reformation, revolution) should enter our life. If we discuss the meaning, importance of the October revolution, then we will tell you about its worldwide, regional, local influence and evaluate it by these criterions. Frankly speaking firstly the October revolution’s main ideology was to spread communism all over the world (if ideology is more high and great, it can be more weak and dreamy). The October Revolution was a great mistake, it interrupted the whole historical process of development in the mankind’s society all over the world. Is it possible to build the same type and the same system society? Of course, it is a kid’s dream. Secondly the October revolution had positive and negative contents. In many regions of Eurasian area the revolution brought its fruitful and unfortunate results, therefore from this position the October event cannot be given one-sided evaluation.Thirdly, the October revolution can be considered to have positive and important meaning and it can be proved by Kyrgyzstan’s 70 year history during the Soviet time. Frankly speaking after the Great October revolution the new Soviet government and its Bolshevist party started building their national economic and social policy. On the basis of that policy the Kyrgyz society entered the new civilized way of development and found its niche in this Global world. The initial source of the statehood of today’s Kyrgyzstan is the 1917 year event which we are talking about now, so it is natural to consider the October revolution to be positive for the latest 80 year history and future. But the Soviet society based on October revolution’s win began losing its primordial or fundamental potential, instead of renewing its management system and looking for new reserve source, it forced using the old system, such method of governance made the country’s economic, social policy and political ideology weaken. Certainly the Kyrgyz society that was half-independent followed on the whole of the Soviet system and had the same fate. During those days when the whole soviet administrative system was strong, the Kyrgyz leaders ruling the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic worked by the command of the central (Moscow) bureau. Honestly speaking that time it was impossible to work independently. Nevertheless, in spite of that totalitarian regime there were some Kyrgyz leaders who had progressive ideas, views, who did their best to improve people’s life in Kyrgyzstan. We remember the following leaders of that period, for example: Jusup Abdrahmanov, Ishak Razzakov. These two people’s names are closely linked with Kyrgyzstan’s achievements, success during the Soviet time, and even our country’s independence is connected with their names.

    In the beginning of the early thirties Jusup Abdrahmanov wanted the Kyrgyz Autonomy Repbulic (Kyrgyz ASSR) to be united with the rest of the Soviet Republics and be named as Kyrgyz SSR. His efforts in this field should be valued and his name must remain in the history of Kyrgyzstan forever. The other historical individual during that central Moscow management time is Ishak Razzakov. By his personal initiatives much work was done for Kyrgyz schools, our society’s social, economic and inner world development. All his above mentioned activities prove that Ishak Razzakov is the Historical Individual.

His famous forever expression: “If I am clean, you are clean then the society will be clean”.

These his words must remain as the motto and guide for the younger generation of Kyrgyzstan.


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