Ilona Ioanna Reeves

Страна: Беларусь

Иоанна Ривз.

Артист ,музыкант,певица ,автор песен,учитель,композитор,писатель. Литературной
деятельностью увлекаюсь с детства,но жизнь
сложилась так,что всё своё время уделяла музыке
и только в последние годы я нашла время отдать
себя литературе.Окончила Белорусскую государственную Академию музыки ,имею степень бакалавра искусств.Награждена дипломом 3
степени республиканского конкурса пианистов (1992) .Лауреат международного конкурса вокалистов “GrandPrix of Ukraine (2010.Киев) и дипломант того же конкурса в номинации “Авторская песня”.Член союза музыкальных деятелей Беларуси. Член
Евразийской творческой гильдии (ECG ,London ) .В 2018 году
издала книгу сказок в России и Беларуси ,которые уже получили высокую оценку читателей из разных стран мира.Призёр 7 Международного конкурса “Open Eurasia -2018” в номинации “Children Literature ” и дипломант международного литературного конкурса “Хранители наследия в действии ” в номинации “Для духовного развития и заслужение отечественной литературе “.В
настоящее время работаю над книгой в жанре научной фантастики и продолжаю писать сказки.

Country: Belarus

Ioanna Reeves
Artist, musician, singer, songwriter , teacher, composer, writer. “I have been interested in literature activities since childhood, but life turned out so all my time was devoted to music and only recent years I have found the time to dedicate myself to literature.” She graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Music with Bachelor of Arts degree. Awarded a diploma (3 prime) of the Republican piano competition (1992). Winner of an international competition of vocalists “GrandPrix of Ukraine” (2010.Kiev) and have got the diploma of the same competition in the nomination “Author’s song”. Member of the society of Music actors of Belarus. Member of Eurasia Creative Guld (ECG ),London. In 2018 published a book of fairy tales in Russia and Belarus which have already been praised by readers from different countries of the world. Winner of the 7th International competition “Open Eurasia -2018” in the nomination “Children Literature” (3 prime) and has got a diploma of international literary competition «Heritage Keepers in action” (Prague) in the nomination “For spiritual development and for service to a native literature “. Currently working on a book in the genre of science fiction and keeps writing fairy tales.

Chapter 2

The Prince and the Dragon

Time has passed. Aneli kept a vow of silence and told no one in the Kingdom about her dialogue with the Wizard. She  sang  the songs to the wind as before and forest rivers told her their stories. She really missed the wizard, but she could not find that place and the hut in the forest.

After a while one day she has found the ball again! But for this time it was yellow! Its light was very similar to the light of the sun. The girl was very happy, and everything repeated, as it was the first time. The girl bent over to the ball to pick it up, but he swiftly rolled away, and she ran after him. Disappearing somewhere among the bushes, then again appearing, the ball was gradually becoming bigger and bigger. The girl sometimes stopped along to collect some forest berries for the wizard and then the Yellow Ball also stopped with her. Finally, they were near the hut, and the Ball began to decrease, returning to his original shape.“Here I am again!” exclaimed Aneli. “Dear Yutak, are you here? I wished to see you for a quite long!”

Without hearing any answer, the girl stood over by a bit hesitated. The ball just lay on the ground. Birds cheerfully sang in every way they could and she stepped   into the hut. The door was slightly opened and the guest went inside, again asking: “Are you here dear Wizard?” And again there was no answer. Feeling uncomfortable, the girl hurried out of the house, and as soon as she was outside, the Wizard greeted her in a kind voice: “Good afternoon, Aneli! I see that my magic ball brought you to me a little earlier than I had thought. You’re doing well, Aneli, keeping your promise. I’m proud of the power of your spirit. Tell me, do you sing your song to the wind?”

“Yes! Joyfully answered the girl and handed to the wizard a basket with berries. I picked for you some berries. In our Kingdom parents persuade us and insist that it is very useful and healthy to eat them!” The wizard thanked the girl for her kind care, they settled down comfortably and he said: “Today I’ll tell you a story about a dragon. Once upon a time in the neighboring Kingdom a very good and kind prince was reigning. But an evil old witch turned him into the dragon and put a curse on him. For ten years he had to serve her, carrying out her orders. Once she sent him to our Kingdom, Aneli, and she ordered him to burn all the forests of our Kingdom. While he was moving into woods, the whole earth shook. The animals were running to the main wall of the Kingdom and birds were flying away horribly screaming. From his roar, fear was penetrating every cell of every living creature. He grappled with me in this forest. We fought for two days and two nights. It was an eerie sight. Each time he belched a fire out, he shuddered from  pain and in return I casted  fire arrows into his impenetrable scales not to let him fly. I casted  smog tubers to his eyes and shouted out most powerful curses. His tail furiously clung to the mighty trunks of the trees and then I used poisoned arrows against him. I wanted to bring him to utter exhaustion –   was   inventing more and more traps and mantraps. Half of the forest already stood in fire, and I spent a lot of energy to save the other half of the forest. I called for the rain to come and used for that the magic of the ancients spells, but only in those minutes when I was assured that the dragon fell asleep right in the trap. You know, Aneli, while the Dragon was sleeping, he did not look such a terrible beast. Sometimes he moaned in a dream, and I felt sorry for him. On the third day of our struggle, the magic has finished and I could no longer defend myself with its power, but there were bleeding marks of scratches, the dragon left on my body.  So I got the chance to approach him, while he was sleeping, and to kill the evil monster. But yet I felt sorry for him. Something inside were bothering me, prompted that I mustn’t kill. So I decided to play a bad joke on him. I have arranged for him the traps from his own dreams in that forest. The whole day he was looking for himself in those and his behavior completely changed. No more spewing fire and his deafening roar was not so terrible as earlier. Deeper ahead and he became an ordinary dragon, about whom you, Aneli, probably had read in the books.

“Probably, the term of his curse approached its end, yes, Yutak? ” said the girl after a long pause.”

“I did not know anything about the curse of the Prince that time and I could only guess that the dragon bewitched by evil spells, but I had to be very careful and attentive with every step I made. You are very kind, Aneli. But you must understand that sometimes people can be more dangerous than the most evil monsters and beasts. By their very nature animals are wild, and they have their laws of survival.

“What happened next with the dragon, Yutak?” asked Aneli with notes of trepidation in her voice.

“The night hadn’t come yet when I found him sleeping. I knew that he had no food for three days and that he became very weak. Throwing the snood upon him I climbed up on his back. I held a sword in my hand, but the dragon woke up and casted me to the ground. I stood out. I knew that was our last fight, last minutes together. He kicked me on the ground, tried to grab me with his fangs. My ears could not stand his horrible terrifying screech, but I was smart enough to avoid such a miserable fate, Aneli, to be eaten by the dragon. When the dragon once again opened his mouth right in front of me, I slipped away artfully  and my sword was ready to give a smashing hook right into his heart, but at the same moment his squama  started  to fall down by very  small parts right upon  me. And he turned into a huge fiery-red bird! I was very happy with dragon’s rebirth. With mixed feelings of joy, tiredness and regret I looked how the bird, widely opening its beautiful powerful wings, flew away towards an enemy Kingdom.                           That was the end of the struggle and we both stayed alive. Tears were streaming down as hot rivers when I looked at the tail of the bird, at the parts of dragon’s scale on my body and at the burned forest… But in my memories, Aneli, he is the dragon forever. And the parts of his scale you probably have noticed on the walls in my house.”

The girl nodded lubberly as a sign of her agreement and said: “What a pity that the dragon couldn’t turn into the Prince, Yutak. But I’m very glad that you hadn’t killed him. ”

“Today, Aneli, you must notice that fire is very dangerous. Avoid the fire always and everywhere. There is only one comfort place for fire — it is a candle. Don’t forget your promise not to tell anyone in the Kingdom about what you’ve heard here either. Instead of that I will give you a magic stone. It looks very simple, but in a right moment, it will show you its mercy.”

With those words, the Wizard put a crystal stone, which was in a color of the foliage of trees, in her hand. So ended the second meeting of Aneli and her friend.

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