Banu Yesengeldi

Страна : Казахстан

Мне всегда нравилось писать, с самого детства. Первое изданное произведение – это стихотворение, вышедшее в сборнике стихов в 2002 году. С октября 2010 по июнь 2011 я работала над своим первым романом, в жанре политического триллера развивающегося на фоне Арабо-израильского конфликта. После работы над книгой, последовала работа над переводом на английский язык, которую я провела самостоятельно. Я разослала переведенную рукопись в англоязычные издательства и в 2013 получила контракт от американского издательства. Несмотря на то, что книга была издана в электронном формате в декабре 2013 года, я расторгла контракт с данным издательством через 3 месяца после издания. Все права на данное произведение на всех языках были мне полностью возвращены. Так как меня интересует не только творчество, но также развитие событий в мире, мне хотелось углубить свои знания в области международных отношений. Я подавала документы на разные гранты международных программ. Получив грант DAAD, я закончила двухгодичную программу Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin со степенью магистра и в данный момент живу и работаю в Берлине. В сферу моих интересов входит как творческая и академическая, так и гуманитарная работа. В Анкаре мне довелось поработать в гуманитарной организации, оказывающей помощь сирийским, афганским и иракским беженцам. Я работала напрямую с турецкоговорящими беженцами из одной из иракских провинций. Я также была свидетелем террористических атак и попытки военного переворота в Турции. В связи с моим глубоким интересом к вопросам международной безопасности, терроризма, миротворческой деятельности и Дальнему Востоку, я хотела бы параллельно работать в двух сферах – быть писателем и гуманитарным деятелем. В свободное время люблю читать как классиков, так и современных авторов. Из классиков по-особенному отношусь к Гюго и Байрону, из современных авторов нахожу работы Зусака, Мураками и Хоссейни проникновенными. Из музыки отдаю предпочтение року, а также таким мэтрам как Синатра, Дассен, Пресли. Очень трепетно отношусь к композициям Вивальди. С момента издания моего первого романа, было написано много новых историй в разных жанрах, но пока все они не переведены на английский язык. Каждая новая история – это вызов самой себе. Но мне нравится бросать вызов. Я думаю, все мы, люди творчества, являемся вечными исследователями. И подобно дитю, мы радуемся новым открытиям словно маленькому чуду.

Country : Kazakhstan

I’ve always liked writing, since very childhood. My first published work was a poem included in a collection of poems in 2002. From October 2010 to June 2011 I was working on my first novel written in political thriller genre. The story was developed on the background of the Arab-Israeli conflict. After completing the novel, I worked on its translation into English. The translated manuscript was submitted to publishing companies in English-speaking world and in 2013 I got a contract from American publishing house Solstice Publishing. Despite the fact that the book was already published as a Kindle edition in December 2013, I withdrew from the contract 3 months after the publication. All rights to this work in all languages ​​have been fully reinstated. Since I am interested not only in creative work, but equally follow the global developments, I aspire to deepen my knowledge in the sphere of international affairs. In this way, I applied to various international scholarship programs. Being awarded with DAAD scholarship, I completed a two-year program of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and got my MA degree. Currently, I live and work in Berlin. I have a broad sphere of interests: from creative work to academic research and humanitarian activity. In Ankara I had the chance to work in a humanitarian organisation that provided assistance to Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugees. I worked directly with Turkish speaking refugees from one of Iraqi regions. I also witnessed terrorist attacks and an attempt of military coup d’état in Turkey. Due to my passionate interest to international security, terrorism issues, peace-building and the Middle East, I am intended to work simultaneously in two directions: creative writing and humanitarian activities. When I have a free time, I enjoy reading both classics and contemporary writers. Among classics my favourites are Hugo, Byron and Firdausi and among contemporary authors I found the works of Zusak, Murakami and Hosseini quite heartfelt. I mostly prefer rock music, but also such maitres as Sinatra, Dassin and Presley are very special for me. I have a very reverent attitude towards Vivaldi’s compositions. Since the publication of my first novel, I wrote a lot of new stories in different genres, but so far they haven’t been translated. Every new story for me is a new challenge. Strange enough, but I like challenges. I think creative people are eternal researchers. Like children, we rejoice at new discoveries and small miracles.

Отрывок из произведения

“Rebels. Time of Sunset”

Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territories, July 5, 2009.

The children were playing in the orphanage’s yard. The moment Abraham reached the gate, he abruptly turned around. These stairs… this yard… Suddenly, memories came flooding back to him.

* * *

A little boy of four was sitting on a swing. The boy was left alone, until few older boys came up to him. He heard a rude, boyʼs voice:

– Clear off, the spawn of Jews!

He barely understood the meaning of these words, only managing to catch the menacing intonation. The boy lifted up his big brown eyes to the offenders, holding out his little hand in token of reconciliation, as he couldn’t say anything in Arabic. At the same moment he fell to the ground, pushed off the swing by someone. He hit his head hard, but he didn’t cry. Rising to his feet from the dust, he looked up at the three seven year old Arab boys. Then, trying to understand the reason for such hostility, the little boy extended his hand again. Once again they pushed him away and he fell anew. On wobbly legs, he rose again. The boy was unaware that they weren’t alone. He didn’t notice a pair of burning eyes, watching them from the side. He was already instinctively waiting for a blow, but someone’s stronger hand caught the hand of the offender on the fly.


– Don’t interfere, brat! – shouted the attacker, but the unexpected defender said nothing.


The only sounds that little Abraham heard were the sounds of blows and fighting. Abraham saw a dark-haired boy of six who was beating the three older boys with such fury and cruelty, that they were unable to escape his hail of blows. He was almost snarling and dug his teeth into one boy’s leg while kicking a second boy. The third boy, crying, ran to look for a teacher. Finally, struggling out of the dust as the victor, he silently walked away, without turning…

The Aaron family came for Abraham. He changed his surname to Aaron and left the orphanage. That day he waited for Fatih to come and say goodbye, but his childhood friend didn’t come out of his room. Though, deep in his heart, he wanted to run after Abraham and ask him to stay. Fatih had heard the sound of the moving car and looked out of the window. He watched as the only person he ever loved left him forever. At his heart he ran after him, crying and begging him to stay. Bitter enough, but it was only a wish that his pride would’ve never allowed him to realize. Besides that, he sincerely hoped that Abraham would be happy.

From the moment the Palestinian orphan had defended the Jewish boy, and right up to his adoption by the Aarons, Abraham considered Fatih a friend, a brother, and all that he could call a family. They saved each other from loneliness. They cured each other from hatred. Abraham remembered the Arab boy for a long time, but over time his face became blurred in his memory. However now, when he heard familiar creak of the old gate, walked around the yard, where the boys once played, he recalled the voice, manners, and even the face. Suppressing a tremor, he opened the dossier, already knowing whose photo he would see in it. Yes, little Fatih Alser was looking at him. The friend who turned into the enemy. The enemy who turned into the friend. Everything went dark before Abraham’s eyes. Fate could not play such a nasty trick on him! It was too terrible, unfathomable irony! Agent Joker and his childhood friend Fatih Alser was one and the same person… What should he do now, Abraham Aaron, a faithful agent of the Mossad, true son of his nation, once the best friend of the Arab boy? Abraham mustered up his strength. He rose from the bench and headed for the exit. The decision was made.

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