Телеуова Зияш

Страна: Казахстан

Журналист, творческий работник. В 2013 году несколько произведении печатались по государственной программе в издательство “Жазушы”. Творчеством увлекаюсь последний десять лет, пишу в детективном жанре.

Сountry: Kazakhstan






Перевод произведения “Раковая любовь” 


Chapter 1



The young architect Nurtas does not like the exterior of the station. In his opinion, it does not correspond to the modern style. And in fact – houses built in the last century, a huge number of cars, kiosks nestled on the sidewalk did not paint this crowded place. Every time Nurtas had to be here, a new building project flashed before his mind’s eye. But wherever he turned, few people attached importance to his offspring, over which he worked day and night. Only once, when he showed his project to the mayor of the city, he saw the financial investments that were required to be answered: “You will bring your project when you get rich.”

Looking for a small change in his pocket to buy a newspaper, the young man went to the kiosk. But noticing the familiar figure coming down from the second floor, flinched with surprise.

But not only he was struck by the girl, as if she had come down from the cover of the magazine like a fashion model from Paris. The people around looked at her with admiration.

“Tanguli !”

“Nurtas!” – the girl, not concealing her joy, stood before her.

Nurtas was surprised. God, can the same instant be repeated twice? A few years ago, he first saw her shining big black eyes framed by arrows of long eyelashes. I fell in love with her without a memory. Now this vision again arose before his gaze. “Is not this a hallucination?” Nurtas closed his eyes and shook his head.

No. It is really she, the one who, like X-rays, has enlightened all his interior, the whole soul. Friends still dubbed her Cleopatra for inspiring beauty. Was he again caught in Azazel’s network – because, because of his love for her, he had almost lost his mind? He barely recovered.

As if remembering why he went into the pavilion, he handed a small thing to the seller:

– Please give me the latest issue of Sports News.

Tears came to her eyes, frozen, like a dug out.

“Forgive me,” she said with trembling lips.

“No, I can not forgive, Tanguli !” – flew out of Nurtas’ mouth, as if a volcano that had been slumbering before it exploded in anger and anger.

“I curse the day I met you.” You hurt my heart so deeply that I could hardly return to life. You betrayed me, in an instant exchanging a feeling of pure love for wealth! But the most insulting thing is that for five years I have not been able to see behind the mask of your true face – love blinded me …

The arms and legs of the girl seemed to grow to the ground. “If you knew the truth, you would not blame me that much, darling. Forgive me, I had no other choice … “- she mentally said, almost sobbing.

Nurtas walked briskly toward the jeep at the station square and sat down. He involuntarily made a gesture with his hand, as if brushing off a recent vision. But where there! On the contrary, the fire of love burned again in his heart, and he felt how much he missed the beloved, that he loved her still, or even more, that he was ready to even admire it from afar. How long has it been since her betrayal? For a young lover without a memory with an open mind it was akin to the loss of the closest person. From an unexpected meeting with Tanguli , who committed such meanness in relation to their pure feelings, Nurtas lost his head. Realizing that in his heart the desire was again inflamed, with anger at himself, that he could not cope with this feeling, he did not know where to put himself, with whom to share, pour out his soul …

Why am I so deceived ?! Why was he so blind ?! Eventually burned like a butterfly flying to the fire. Why did you meet such love? In reflection, he did not notice that his car closed the movement to another. He quickly started and went where the eyes look. Nobody wanted to see. No one to talk to.

It was necessary to meet now, when the wound of betrayal only began to heal. Against the will, he wanted again, as before, to caress her, to inhale the unique smell of her hair.

Mentally, he began to scold himself for lack of character, indecision, but at the same time realized that he could not help himself. It turns out that he just calmed himself all this time by forgetting her that he no longer wants to see.

Nurtas remembered his student years. Why did not that happy time stay with them forever? Those full of rapture and joy days …

He met Tanguli   every day after the lectures. The apartment that Tanguli  rented with a girlfriend was not far from the institute. Together walked around the city in their spare time. They could not live without each other. But no matter how much he was drawn to his beloved, he never allowed himself anything superfluous, considering that intimacy without a legalized marriage is like an animal feeling. Now, after passing the time, he thought with some kind of regret of his indecisiveness.

Usually beautiful girls, catching on themselves greedy estimating sights from the side flirted, stuffing themselves a price. Tanguli  was distinguished by restraint and inner spiritual purity. Nurtas was so confident in Tanguli that he never had a feeling of jealousy.

Such a happy couple had a lot of envious people. They were annoyed that the couples, despite the dissimilarity of the characters, stayed together. In contrast to the restrained, closed appearance of Tanguli , who was nicknamed the “cold beauty” for his eyes, Nurtas had an open temper, he easily went to contact and always had a pair of funny jokes.

Tortured himself with different thoughts Nurtas suddenly thought that perhaps she, too, remembering the past, now repents. Then he began to get angry with himself again for not being able to part with the thought of her.

For a moment, the picture appeared, as Tanguli  goes out in a snow-white wedding dress from a limousine, who drove up to the most expensive and luxurious restaurant, as the oligarch’s son caressed her. That day, Nurtas drank until morning. Friends, understanding his condition, did not depart from him.

“How then do you believe the girls?” For the sake of wealth they are ready for anything. Our beautiful woman, whom we thought was an angel, goes out and laughed at you? – Some were excited. Nurtas, lifting his index finger, interrupted them: “Do not you dare talk about it like that!”

Since then, two years have passed. Today’s meeting has stirred up an incurable wound. “What is she doing here?” Or managed to disperse with the son of an oligarch? “. Tired of conflicting thoughts, Nurtas finally fell asleep.

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