Татьяна Ясень

Страна : Россия

Образование высшее, биолог. Стихи писала с детства, прозой увлеклась позже. Пишу рассказы, повести. Есть роман фэнтэзи. Занималась в литературных студиях поэзии и прозы.

Country :  Russia

Education is higher, biologist. Poetized from little up, carried with prose later. I write stories, to lead. There is a novel of fentazi. Got busy in the literary studios of poetry and prose.

In search of harmony

The world we live in is created by time. But time exists conditionally, that is, it is only a condition of the processes of the material world, a chance of its change. Speed, time, and distance are physical quantities interconnected by motion energy. Speed is the main characteristic of motion, it is expressed as the ratio of unit length to unit time (for example, kilometers per hour). Hence the formula of time.
With the development of civilized society, being only a conditional value, time has become a cult category regulating and synchronizing the life of the whole world community of people.
As a man lives in society, he has broken away from nature, a natural habitat. A modern man who has moved away from nature, there is a social man. And he is different from his primitive ancestors, being the creation of a society.
Man, creating his world around him, an artificial habitat, begins to destroy the nature surrounding him. Man-made factor, increasingly affects the ecology of our planet.
The confrontation between nature and man manifests itself in a certain confrontation. On the one hand, man takes away from nature its resource, on the other hand nature takes back from man the space occupied by it.
According to ancient mythology, the world, space is created by four elements: air, water, earth (solid) and energy (light, heat). Subject to the laws of dialectics, the development of the material world is in the eternal struggle of opposite beginnings: ice (cold) and fire (energy of the sun), the movement of chaos (destruction) and creation (structuring) is the basis of being. Creative forces find their expression in harmonization, desire for perfection, beauty.
Such forces, engines of nature development, also have in man. This is different from animals, because it can create, build. And whatever he creates, his actions are aimed at finding a harmonious, perfect one.
Life, architecture, art; – whatever man does, his work, at all times, is marked by the search for harmony, the desire to find a certain balance based on equilibrium (golden section, Fibonacci numbers).
The nature of space is based on the mathematical principle of the structuring of matter, according to which from scratch the foundations of the material world are born and its further development.
The hypothesis of manifestation in matter of an abstract existing matrix (template), which is a project of the future world, is asked. Thus, in the matrix the future of the whole space is laid down, but only processes taking place in the real (not abstract) world will draw the present and record the past.
The matrix is an unreal, perfect world that is at one point in space, the point of singularity from which, like a slow explosion, the physical space of the universe expands.
The world, constantly moving, is moving away from its original perfection. But there are two opposing forces on it. On the one hand, the world has changed, on the other, toOn the one hand, the world, by changing, on the other, is constantly influenced by its original harmonious origin, as some indelible force eager to return to its original position.
In the surrounding space, we see objects not devoid of harmony, notice the beauty of nature: plants, animals, – creatures incredibly bright and different. Nature created them like this.
But man turns out to be able to create even more interesting living forms, useful in their new qualities, and incredibly beautiful.
Breeder – a person working with living objects, creates varieties and breeds, with the help of artificial selection, which in their properties are very superior to natural forms formed by processes of natural selection.
But the fruits of creation, let us allow plants created by scientists, they also require special conditions of their cultivation. And when they enter the world of man-controlled nature, they are displaced by forms of living matter (weeds) that are more adapted to the conditions of free survival.
Getting used to think according to the almost advantageous position, the person adapts the world for himself, doing the existence in it very fragile vulnerable, dependent on the public (social) organization.
Civilization promises to collapse at any moment, for one reason or another. And to preserve an artificially created world becomes year after year increasingly difficult. And only harmony with the surrounding space can preserve it, avoid the point of no return. They say beauty will save the world. But it is necessary to seek this compromise, the balance created and continuously taking place in the universe!

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