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Отрывок из поэмы  “The Maestro and His Muse“


The Poem: The Maestro and His Muse



The poem, “The Maestro and his Muse” is dedicated to JESUS CHRIST, who showed us the way and sacrificed himself for our sins so that those who follow HIS teachings may have eternal life.



Acquaintance with the Muse


The long-awaited moment has come:

The Maestro saw her without lowering his eyes –

Like a ray of the sun, sweetly appearing to shine and arise.

She was his reason, his hymn,

A reason for them to create together,

He wanted her to become his Muse and only for him.

‘What else do I need for happiness

Apart from you, will you be my Muse?’

‘As you say, Maestro; I will only have you.’


They went, having met on Khreshchatyk:

The Maestro phoned his Muse and invited her to Khreshchatyk.

They went to the Globus Shopping Centre, already in an embrace;

They were destined to create: she was to become his Muse soon.


The next day he made an offer to his bright, beautiful Muse.


They went on a date

And he, taking a bouquet of scarlet roses, said:

‘Be my muse and my wife forever;

Shine like the sun in my life!’

Taking his Muse’s hand and kissing it, he gave her the bouquet.

‘Are you ready to become my lawful wife and my bright sunny Muse?

Are you ready to share with me both pain and joy?

Are you ready to forgive?

Are you ready to inspire me?

Support and warm me like the sun?

I fell in love with you in Khreshchatyk already.

What do you say, my love and sun, are you mine already?’


‘I agree to be your wife;

To support and inspire and never let you go.

To be together through storm, sun, hail and heavy rain;

To share with you poverty, and the joy of life and love.’


The Maestro put a ring on her finger;

The engagement took place: there was simply no other choice;

And eight days later, the Maestro signed in the registry office with his sunny girl.


They lived together in a little room in his old apartment.

A larger apartment came later, way up high;

And Maestro – he created, he wrote.


A dark man came to visit them: it was the dark creature, Satan, who stood with two servants beside him.

They rang the doorbell,

Those two servants: a dog and a pig.

At that very moment, the servants and Satan took the guise of people.

And Satan, wearing a classic suit and tie,

And he with a cane of old age,


Suddenly turned ten years younger.

The dog stood with him, and the pig was the youngest.

The Maestro opened the doors for them

And Satan immediately said:

‘Ah, kind fellow, I learnt you married your Muse – and a beauty at that – she must be the light of your life;

I want to sincerely congratulate you.’


‘Thank you,’

The Maestro said to Satan.

‘You don’t need to languish at my door,

Please, come in, over here to my kitchen.’


They all sat down – the Maestro, Satan and his servants in the guise of people.

The Muse came running from the kitchen to serve herbal tea.

Neither the Maestro nor his Muse knew who these people were,


Or that this was Satan and his servants in the guise of people.

The Muse suggested:

‘I’ll pour you tea from natural herbs and offer you sugar.’

And Satan answered her:


‘Thank you for your kindness, but is a cup of coffee any worse than your tea?’

And Satan then said to his servants:

‘Do you want tea made from natural herbs?’


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